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Thank you for checking out the skin care and makeup advice section of this website. This is where the wildest skin care myths come to die and facts are revealed. This is also where you can find direct answers to all your skin care questions, as answered by our in-house expert, Allison Owens. There’s no skin problem without an answer, and we created this section to prove it.

Whether it’s tips on how to beat breakouts or ideas on how to look 40 at 60, our skin care advice section is where you’ll find the answers.

Common Skin Care Myths

There’s thousands of myths related to skin care, most of them fuelled by rumours, hearsay and ‘lifestyle trolls’. You’ve probably heard them yourself; ‘anti-aging is a scam’, ‘natural remedies do not work’ or ‘blemishes cannot go away’ etc. etc. One thing’s for sure: they’re quite easy to fall for.

Before you swear yourself off natural remedies, find out the truth from us. At Unsullyd, one of our main aims is to quell these myths and save you the trouble.

If it’s just a myth and not medically proven, rest assured that we shall put it to rest faster than you can say ‘go’.

Why You Should Follow Unsullyd

Unsullyd isn’t just another makeup and skin care website. It’s a platform for women to find answers to their daily problems as simply as possible. If you’re wondering why you should follow Unsullyd, here are a few perks to consider.

 Lots of resources at your fingertips, including articles, videos, how-to guides, illustrations and more.

 Instant fixes for all your makeup and skin care problems, with our quick, in-depth guides.

 Detailed, expert-approved, easy to use guides on lifestyle and living for all ages.

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Simple, immediate solutions to any makeup or skin care problem you might have from our growing community of women just like you.

Why We Are Different

There’s many other makeup and skin care websites, but Unsullyd stands out on a number of factors. At Unsullyd, we work to ensure you get a different experience with our content and website.

We don’t just give you skin care and makeup tips; we show you how to apply them when you need them most.

In our bid to maintain the value of our website, we ensure that all our resources and content are widely researched, medically reviewed and expert-approved.

We only want to provide content that helps, not damages, our readers in the long run.

Naturally, we stand by all our makeup and skin care tips, and stand liable for any errors published as a result.

How To Find What You’re Looking For

If you’re new to the website, check out our simple menu at the top of the page. You can click on either the ‘Skin Care’ or ‘Makeup’ tabs, depending on the answer you’re looking for. Under each section, there’s a series of articles and other forms of content directly related to either makeup or skin care.

For access to content on a specific term, say ‘mascara’, you can always use the tags displayed at the end of each article. If you are looking for something else in particular, use the search bar at the bottom of this page.

To get started, here are some of our best articles that will help you get started on your makeup and skin care journey, whatever your goal may be:

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