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There’s no doubt about the benefits of Vitamin C for skin today, thanks to lots of research and information on the internet.

And if you’re wondering, yes, there’s lots more reason to swallow your Vitamin C supplements than just healthy skin.

From helping your gums stay healthy to keeping your blood free from toxic compounds such as lead, here are 20+ additional benefits of vitamin C for your body.

The Infographic

Vitamin C Benefits for Health and Skin

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Vitamin C Benefits For Skin

  • Slow the aging process and prevents wrinkle formation
  • It boosts collagen production in the skin, allowing for development of a glowy, elastic skin
  • Perfect for treating skin blemishes including acne, wounds, rashes, bruises because it speeds up the healing process.
  • Has skin lightening properties that help with dark spots and discoloration
  • Perfect for skin toning and removal of under eye circles

Vitamin C Benefits For Hair

  • Strengthens the hair follicle, stimulates hair growth and minimizes hair breakage (good for hair loss)
  • Helps with skin inflammations
  • Protects against sunburn and accelerates healing process

Vitamin C Benefits For Nails

  • Strengthens nails and prevents easy breakage

Vitamin C Benefits For Blood

  • Reduction of lead toxicity levels in blood
  • Boosts bodily absorption of iron from foods, which prevents the iron deficiency anaemia

Immune System Boosting

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so it fights off the free radicals that accumulate in our bodies from pollution, smoking, the sun etc. and cause various cancers.
  • Can limit the formation of carcinogens of nitrosamine
  • Improving vision for people with uveitis and cataracts
  • Eases the symptoms of the common cold
  • Effective at treating arthritis, due to its role in collagen formation
  • Slows down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions such as dementia

Vitamin C Benefits For The Heart

  • Improves muscle vasodilation, preventing heart attacks and strokes
  • Slows down the progression of atherosclerosis (hardening of the heart vessels)
  • Lowers hypertension

Vitamin C Benefits For Mood

  • Necessary in the production of neurotransmitters including serotonin (the happiness chemical) and norepinephrine

Vitamin C Benefits For Teeth And Gums

  • Supports healthy gums (deficiency of vitamin C cause scurvy)

Best way to apply

  • Application on skin is 20× more effective than oral ingestion

Adequate Intake Requirement *

  • Infants
  • 0 – 6 months 40 mg per day
  • 7 – 12 months 50 mg per day
  • Men 90 mg per day
  • Women 75 mg per day
  • Pregnant women 85 mg per day
  • Breastfeeding women 120 mg per day
  • Smokers 250 mg per day
  • *According To the National Institute of Health

Some data and statistics

1 in 5 men*

1 in 9 women*

*Vitamin C deficiency in UK and North America, research done in 2011












In addition to all those vitamin C skin benefits you’ve probably heard, there’s lots more that this healthy compound can do for your body as shown above.

Some facts you need to know about Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is not stored in the body. To serve the body’s daily requirements, you need to consume it daily from outside sources.
  • You can overdose on Vitamin C, so speak to your doctor or do some research on the internet before swallowing all those pills.
  • Note: You need to take a good serving of Vitamin C to see any effect. Some of the benefits listed above were confirmed in trials where up to 500mg of vitamin C were served daily to research participants.

You can get Vitamin C from all types of fruits and vegetables including apples, mangoes, oranges, lemons and more.

If you can’t access them or have a deficiency, consider using Vitamin C supplements to add up for where your body is lacking.

Just remember to pass the supplements by your doctor first for approval and dosage prescription.

Good luck with your health!

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