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When actress Jennifer Aniston appeared on the cover of People magazine in April of 2016 as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman that year, there was no doubt she deserved the title. Her face glowed from a mile away, and its smoothness could make one scream with envy. Of course, Photoshop may have been used (hello, it’s a magazine cover 😉) but the fact that her face lacked visible wrinkles at 47 said a lot about how smooth her face was naturally. Back home, Pop culture sensation Chloe Kardashian may be over 30 and counting, but her natural beauty and glowing skin have always left millions of women in awe. The reality star puts in a lot of effort, as her extensive exercise routine and diet choices show. The result? A smooth, glowing skin that shines even with little make up on. How do they do it? Of course, there are genes to consider, and you can’t judge an individual’s beauty basing solely on a magazine cover appearance. But these women put in lots of effort to look that good, even going ahead to try new dieting and exercise regimens for more effect. There are tons of people that want to have a skin as smooth as these women. If you are faced with rough, scaly, cracking skin, here’s how to have a smooth skin like your favorite celebrity!

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How To Have Smooth Skin Like Celebrities or Japanese Models?

You don’t have to max out your credit card, live in a spa or be a licensed beautician to have smooth clear skin. But before you can get the low down on how to have a smooth skin, you need to have some basics on your fingertips first. That includes the factors that are causing your rough skin, and what you might need to consider before going along with certain treatment alternatives.

Why Isn’t My Skin Smooth?

That’s one question you’ve probably asked yourself time and over again. You are in luck because we’ve got the answers. Let’s start with the most obvious reasons.

You Are Growing Older

Hell, yes it’s true! There’s nothing wrong with growing older – in fact, countless women start experiencing happier lives after they clock 50 and above. As we grow older, our bodies loop and our skins sag lower, thanks to the production of less collagen in the skin and lower cell turnover. Wrinkles also become part of the skin, in addition to dryness and other factors that lead to rough skin.

You Might Be Having A Skin Condition Such As Rosacea, Acne, Psoriasis Or Keratosis Polaris

Skin blemishes and breakouts are the number one cause of rough skin for most people. Acne, for example, results in swellings all over the skin while blackheads, pimples, pustules and dark spots serve to leave the skin uneven all over. If your skin is rough as a result of any of these conditions, they have to be treated first to gain back smoothness.

You Do Not Exfoliate……

……and hence have a build-up of dead cells on your skin. Yes, you may be taking timely showers every day, but that isn’t enough to clear your skin of all the cells that die on it every day. The exfoliation process does away with the top layer of your skin (which is usually made up of dead skin cells) and leaves your younger cells room to develop. If you do not exfoliate your skin from time to time, the dead skin cells pile up in pores and on the skin, resulting in flakiness, roughness and worse.

Your Immediate Environment/Seasonal/Weather Changes Are To Blame

For people living in seasonal environments ie winter/summer/autumn/spring, changes within the seasons can also result in the rough skin. The commonest example is the onset of winter, which, in many people, is accompanied by drying skin, cracked lips, and more. If you’re living in a wintry environment, it’s probably to blame for your rough skin.

The Soap You Use Is Too Harsh For Your Skin

Forget that beautiful scent and long lasting freshness that comes with the soap you use. If you still have a rough skin after using it, chances are that your soap is either too harsh for your skin or wholly ineffective. The skin’s natural pH is on the lower end of the spectrum, but most soaps tend to alter that to the higher end (alkaline), resulting in skin breakouts and roughness.

You Smoke

We don’t judge anyone here at Unsullyd, but it’s true that smoking does have a major effect on skin smoothness and overall texture. The nicotine in smoke reduces blood circulation to the face, limiting the metabolism that takes place there. This triggers aging and dries up the skin. If you are a smoker, there’s also the idea that cigarette smoke absorbs moisture from your face, leaving it dry and rough.

You Often Take Long Hot Showers (Or Soak Up In The Tub Just As Much)

Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower, especially after a stressing day at work or a tough work out? The only downside is that such a seemingly relaxing activity can also be the cause of your dry, rough skin the next day.

You Live Or Work In A Low Humidity Environment

Be it in your office, plane cabin or immediate residence, low humidity has no positive effect on your skin. When the air in a room or place is dry and light, it viciously absorbs moisture from its immediate surroundings and that includes your body, should you be present. Drawing moisture from your skin leaves it dry, resulting in roughness.

You Are Undergoing Hormonal Changes

If you’ve just had a baby or recently slid into menopause, blame your rough skin on the hormonal changes that come along with these events. Hormonal disruptions within the body result in a number of symptoms, and in many women, rough skin is a common feature. The good news is that this condition usually goes away on its own after some time.

You Have A Mineral Deficiency

If your diet is missing a major nutrient such as Vitamin C or E, don’t be surprised about how rough your skin is. The body needs an adequate amount of every major nutrient from proteins to carbohydrates to vitamins, and having a deficiency of any

Your Acne Treatments Are Having Side Effects

If you’ve been treating acne and other skin blemishes for some time, your skin might become rough due to side effects of the treatment. Some side effects include peeling skin, enlarged pores, and redness.

Rough Everyday Chores Or Activities

Your daily activities may expose your skin to excess sunshine, stress your skin and stretch it out. Your detergents and soaps, if your job requires you to wash your hands often, may also roughen your skin over time.

You Are Over Washing Your Face

Washing your face is good – even your mama said so early on. But over washing it? Not so much. Two times a day is good enough for cleaning the face and ridding it of dirt, sweat and excess oils. Three or more times is going overboard with the procedure and eventually does away with all the natural oils present on the skin. The result? A dry skin that is rough to the touch.

You Are Following The Wrong Skin Care Routine For Your Skin

It doesn’t matter if Jennifer Aniston says she uses it to get that sexy glow she has. That is no guarantee of how effective it will be for you, regardless of how much you admire the 48-year-old actress. Our skins differ in many ways, and particular skin care practices, however effective, may not be ideal for every skin tone there is.

Genetic Issues

It might sound overly cliché, but genetics do actually have a hand in how rough or smooth your skin ends up becoming. It’s a lot more likely for you to have a rough skin if your parents or close relatives had it too; the same goes for smooth, fair skin. That might come as bad news for folks whose parents had the roughest skins ever. But don’t fret – it’s not set in stone.

You Are Overusing Detergents On Your Hands, Face Etc.

Detergents are comprised of some really strong acids and compounds that enable them to do what they do. Having these compounds get into contact with your skin on a daily basis cleans off your natural oil completely, leaving your skin dry. Their effect can also be seen through flakiness of the skin and increased peeling.

Good Habits That Keep Smooth

If you want to learn how to have a smooth skin, you’ve got learn the habits that make it possible first. If it’s called a habit, it means that you’ll have to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. We list some of the good habits that help keep your skin smooth.

Enough Sleep

During sleep, the body’s metabolism goes up, and so does its efforts to rid the skin of any dangerous toxins and enable complete healing. Get enough sleep – 8 hours is the ideal duration for enough sleep.  

Regular Exfoliation

Exfoliation strips off old, dull skin layers, acne scars, wrinkles and more to allow the younger skin to shine. You can do this at home with a good cleanser that’s right for your skin or a textured cleansing pad.  

Loving Your Sunscreen

Having your sunscreen on every day regardless of weather is a must if you want to keep your smooth skin. Choosing the right type of sunscreen is important; higher SPF varieties are recommended. Plus, one application at the beginning of the day isn’t enough. You’ve got to reapply your sunscreen every few hours for more protection.  

Bringing on Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the active compounds in most fruits and foods that enable them to protect the skin. They fight inflammation, free radicals and other dangerous toxins you may get from the environment.  

Exercising More

Do your cardio, go for a run, stretch yourself. Whatever the form of exercise you do, put in more effort. In addition to helping with weight loss, your body needs to release the extra toxins and clean up the skin.  

Regular Body Cleansing

Body cleansing is necessary to rid the body of toxins and keep the gut clean. A clean, healthy gut results in a clear, smooth skin, as most proper diets will show. Skin cleansing also helps open the pores and release accumulated dirt, oil, and dead cells, allowing the skin to breathe.  

Drinking More Water

Hydration promotes faster metabolism and helps keep skin smooth and supple. You need to start taking up to 6 glasses of water a day for that smooth skin you’ve always wanted.  

Controlling How Often the Sun Sees You

Yes – you can control how much sun your skin receives. Whether it means wearing elbow length gloves during the day like Korean women (yes, they do!) or wearing hats whenever you step out, minimizing how much sun your body receives is very important. The sun’s UV rays are a key player in skin distortion, and its heat dries out the skin on exposure, leaving it rough.  

Controlling Your Refined Sugar Intake

This piece of advice never gets advice. Your favorite celebrity might also be doing it to maintain their flawless skin. You’ll find refined sugar in processed foods such as sweets, carbonated drinks, beverages and more. Keep it out of your diet and your collagen (the fiber compounds that keep your skin young and tight) will stay put for longer.  

Going Natural Once in A While

Leave the beauty stash untouched at least once a week for a whole day, and yes – that includes the serum and moisturizer. Your skin needs to breathe, and one make up free day in a week is the least you can do.  

Checking Out Rice Water

Rice water? Yes! Korean women swear by it, and we all know how flawless their skins are even throughout their 50s. Just dip some rice in water for some time, and then use the solution to wash your face every morning.  

Applying Skin Toner Right After A Shower To Keep The Moisture In

This is another trick Korean women use to stay youthful. Just after showering, apply your skin toner to lock the moisture in. Thereafter, any other form of makeup can come along.  

Moisturizing Your Face Regularly

This is perfect if you live or work in low humidity environments or have dry skin. Reapplying your moisturizer every few hours should help you keep that smooth skin in check.  

Slapping Your Face In The Morning To Increase Circulation

We can’t get enough from our Korean and Japanese counterparts. Slapping your face in the morning is a popular activity among these women, and it’s been proven to help increase circulation to the face and help with rough skin.  

How to Get Smooth Skin: Body Part Battle Plan

For that uneven, rough skin on a particular part of your body, here’s a summarized list of things to do to slough it off and smoothen things up.

Smooth Skin on Forehead

The forehead is responsible for giving the face a shiny glow that can be seen from afar. But when it’s affected by tiny, colorless swellings and various forms of pimples such as rashes, wrinkles and more, not much of a glow can be seen. Consider some of the tips below to smoothen out your forehead.

  1. Double cleanse your face at night using a mild oil-based cleanser. It unclogs pores and rids them of all the accumulated makeup, sunscreen, sweat, and oil that piles up in them.
  2. Use a pore minimizing cream (non comedogenic) on your forehead in the morning to even out the larger pores with the rest of the skin and give a fresher look.
  3. Exfoliate and scrub your forehead with products having salicylic acid or natural remedies such as lemon juice to rid the skin of accumulated dead cells once in a while.
  4. Apply sunscreen of at least 30 SPF before stepping This is to keep the sun’s rays at bay and minimize its negative effects on collagen.
  5. Take a breath from refined sugar and sugary drinks; they trigger a surge in insulin production, stimulating the production of excess sebum on your forehead. This exposes you to more swellings and blemishes.
  6. Use a facial mask once in a while to do away with wrinkles and smoothen skin. Clay masks are good, but you can also try a mix of honey and raspberry juice for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Treat your forehead with antibacterial before and after waxing.

Cheeks and Nose

The commonest issues facing the cheeks and nose include breakouts, acne, blackheads, pimples, pustules and more. Here’s a summary of how to have a smooth skin on your cheeks and nose.

  1. Wash off your make up before bed
  2. Double cleanse at night
  3. Exfoliate with recommended solutions
  4. Consider chemical peels
  5. Moisturize every after a shower and during the day to prevent drying up.
  6. Apply generous sunscreen before stepping out.
  7. Use facial masks to draw toxins out of the skin
  8. Get a facial scrub with natural remedies to open up the pores
  9. Use skin toners to even out large pores with the rest of the skin
  10. Treat any existing skin condition early enough to minimize its effects
  11. Get a good facial wax from a professional when necessary.
  12. Avoid using very cold or very hot water on your face.


Because of the extreme exposure they have to the environment and all its forces, plus all the chores we humans tend to use them for every day, the hands are prone to cracking, scaling, discoloring and losing their overall smoothness. The commonest causes of rough skin on hands are harsh soaps, detergents, rough handiwork, extreme exercise, extremely cold water, regular contact with warm water and more. Here are some tips you can use to soften and smoothen the skin on your hands again.

  1. Scrub your skin with a homemade combo of sugar and olive oil, using the sugar to scrub the hands and applying the olive oil right after. The olive oil smoothens your skin and moisturizes it for long after the sugar has scrubbed dead skin away.
  2. Make use of natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil for hand massages and ensure to rub them in before bed every night.
  3. Apply lotion regularly, and remember to look for types that have ingredients with moisture retaining abilities. After applying your lotion on the hands, pull on some socks to keep the moisture in and soften the skin.
  4. Minimize how much you use very hot or very cold water on your hands since both forms have only negative effects on the skin. Instead, use gloves when working with cold water, such as when doing dishes.
  5. Use a home-made mixture of honey, lemon juice, and baking soda to treat the skin and smoothen it. All you have to do is mix all three solutions and then place your fingers in it for 20 minutes at least.
  6. Reconsider the soap and detergent you are using because it may be drying out your skin. Instead, look for mild soaps with natural ingredients that work just as well.
  7. Apply your sunscreen generously. For smooth skin on the hands, you should also consider investing in a sunscreen of a high rating and apply it on your hands before leaving the house. The hands are always exposed to the sun, which dries them up and roughens their texture.

Upper Arms

For many men and women, the upper arms are the most beautiful parts of the body. Sadly enough, many of these people suffer from upper arm conditions such as keratosis pilaris, which leave the skin rough, uneven, ugly and discolored. For smooth upper arms, consider;

  1. Exfoliating regularly to open up the pores and release trapped hair. As mentioned earlier, exfoliation does away with the old, top layer of skin made of dead cells, allowing the skin to breathe and revealing younger, glowing skin.
  2. Scrubbing your arms with a textured brush or a loofah on a daily basis to open up the pores and rid them of accumulated dirt, sweat, oil and more.
  3. Moisturizing with a recommended moisturizer immediately after a shower to keep the moisture in the skin.
  4. Rubbing the skin with natural essential oils such as olive oil and coconut oil to soften its texture.
  5. Using a homemade solution of baking soda and salt to scrub the upper arms effectively.


Acne is perhaps the commonest form of skin blemish that attacks the back. Blackheads are never far away, as are many other forms of skin breakouts. Trouble is, back showing clothes are always in vogue for women, whether it’s daily worn or a wedding. How can one stand up if their back is littered up with spots? We give you a few tips you can use to maintain a smooth back.

  1. Regular exfoliation with recommended solutions or homemade scrubs such as sugar and honey. Scrubbing is also recommended for the whole back with a loofah or a long textured brush.
  2. Moisturize your back immediately after showers to lock the existing moisture in. Remember to pick the ideal moisturizer depending on your skin type.
  3. Treat your acne and any other skin conditions with retinol and other topical creams in time.
  4. Massage your back with natural oils such as olive oil, aloe vera gel and more to improve smoothness.
  5. Additionally, keep your back out of the sun whenever you can. Sunscreen is highly recommended to avert the aging and roughening effects of the sun.


It’s embarrassing enough to have blemishes on your face but even worse to have them appear on your butt! Be it bikini season or not, having a rough skin on your butt is uncomfortable enough. Follow some of the tips below to get your smooth skin back.

  1. Reconsider the detergent you are using for your clothes. Some detergents are so strong that they leave traces in clothes after washing. This triggers off swellings and breakouts on the bums in some people.
  2. For that ugly cellulite, go dry brushing in the correct way. Cellulite may never go away, but trying to reduce its visibility is definitely worth the pain.
  3. Scrub and exfoliate regularly with treatments containing salicylic acid, especially if you face regular breakouts and swellings.
  4. Before heading out to the sun, get your sunscreen arrangements in order. Apply enough sunscreen and reapply it every few hours.
  5. Wax weekly to do away with any existing hair. Consider seeing a professional to do the waxing for you.
  6. Moisturize your butt skin regularly to keep it supple.
  7. Pick the right material for your clothing, especially so for your underwear. Some materials such as wool and cotton are good for the skin while others trigger more sweating during the day.


From wrinkles to sun spots to acne to cracks, and mainly because of the thin skin that makes it up, the breast skin is affected in many ways, resulting in roughness. Smoothen the skin around your breast with these simple steps.

  1. Exfoliate regularly to do away with accumulated dead skin cells and trigger increased collagen production.
  2. Apply your sunscreen generously to the breast too, especially if you are planning for a day at the beach. Ensure to look for sunscreens of SPF 45+.
  3. Massage your breast with essential oils such as almond oil to find out any visible wrinkles.
  4. Try aloe vera oil and gel for your breast; it triggers production of more elastin and collagen, both of which are essential in strengthening breast skin. It also beats the free radicals known to accelerate aging.
  5. Consider CO2 laser treatment, where collagen within the deeper layers of the breast area is triggered with laser rays.
  6. Consider Botox injections, especially as a last resort. They can be quite expensive, and you up to 4 injections in the first year alone. Botox works by triggering more collagen formation over time, which gives your skin a firmer, plumper look.


For many women, the legs are characterized by smooth, beautiful skin that needs a little attention to maintain. But for some women, the legs are patched up with dark spots, deep wrinkles, acne scars, wounds and more. Here’s how to have a smooth skin on your legs.

  1. Wax off your leg hair properly and with the right products. Waxing can leave wounds and enlarged pores that roughen skin further. Remember to wash your skin with an antibacterial first before waxing if your skin is prone to break outs after waxing.
  2. Apply your sunscreen to the legs too, or cover them up during the day with long clothing, stockings or more.
  3. If you’re suffering from scaling skin on your legs, apply a good moisturizer at night and wear knee length stockings before bed for some time.
  4. Reconsider your bathing soap – harsh soaps will dry out the skin on your legs. Look for mild, non comedogenic soaps for bathing duties.

How to Smooth Skin from Acne Scars

Acne is disastrous enough, and if you’ve managed to get rid of these pesky swellings and the excess oiliness that comes with them, good for you. But for most people, treating acne leaves behind deep scars that not even make up has power over. Some treatments also leave the skin uneven – deep holes here, empty enlarged pores there – making the skin rougher than ever. We bring you some tips you can apply to get rid of these scars and get back the smooth skin you desire.

The Natural Options

  • Aloe vera sap
  • Turmeric
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Baking soda (on the actual scar or all over the face) mix with water before use.

The Medical Options

1. Skin lightening creams Like the name suggests, these creams are designed to light up your skin by doing away with the dark pigment that gives dark spots and acne scar their color. 2. Cortisone treatments These are specifically for the inflammation on the skin that causes unevenness and roughness. 3. Chemical peels Involves the use of chemicals to burn the old top layer of the skin off and give room to younger skin. They make take longer to heal, though. 4. Microdermabrasion Just like with chemical peels, microdermabrasion is a popular procedure performed to clear the old skin off and new skin develop. It’s effective with acne scars that won’t go away but needs to be done by a licensed dermatologist only. 5. Laser treatment This process works by stimulating collagen production around a scar to repair the skin around it and heal it completely. The result is smoother, even skin.

What to Eat for Smooth Skin

You’ve probably seen a thousand lists of recommended foods you should eat for your skin. The fact is that a whole lot of foods contain nutrients that are useful for the skin, even though only a few are listed below. Your choice of foods to add to your diet will obviously depend on your budget, location, and budget. 1. Avocado Avocados appear in every dermatologist’s list of recommended foods, and all for a good reason. Contains lutein and beta carotene, which are useful antioxidants that combat the toxins that prematurely age and roughened skin. They are also good sources of healthy fats, making them good for not only your weight but also skin smoothness. 2. Tomatoes The lycopene content of tomatoes not only make them red in color, but also renders them ideal for skin smoothening and rejuvenation. Click To Tweet 3. Pomegranates These fruits happen to be high in tannins and vitamins, both of which are good for skin health. 4. Kale This vegetable is not a major feature on many celebrities’ diets for no reason. Its richness in Vitamins A, C, K, and E makes it the perfect remedy for rough, blotchy skin while its antioxidant properties – no doubt some of the strongest – make premature aging a thing of the past. 5. Pumpkin They can be eaten in a million forms – in the pie, steamed, in raw form, as chips etc. The big deal here is that their high concentration of vitamins A, E, and potassium make the eating worth it, especially so, for rough skin. Pumpkins also happens to be good sources of zinc, which the body needs for control of sebum production. 6. Walnuts They are rich in healthy oil and an assortment of vitamins. What else might your skin need to go smoothly all over? Add walnuts to your sauces or eat them raw to reap their countless benefits. 7. Turmeric The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is a studious antioxidant, whose powers include fighting free radicals that quicken aging and reducing inflammation. Add this to your diet and your skin will thank you. 8. Kiwi Known for its high vitamin E content, kiwi will get your skin the moisture it needs to soften and glow again. 9. Bell Peppers When you add bell peppers to your diet, you get enough vitamin C to cleanse your skin by rejuvenating the tissues that make it up. How? Vitamin C is quite effective at combating the free radicals (you get these from smoke, the environment etc. and they’re responsible for aging and various cancers) found within the skin, keeping it smooth and young. 10. Carrots They may be good for the eyes, but carrots also have positive effects for another body organ – the skin. The beta carotene and Vitamin A content of carrots enable them to inhibit excessive production of cells on the skin, which directly limits a number of dead cells on your skin. 11. Green Tea High concentration of catechins, which are antioxidants that can reverse the drying effect of the sun on your skin. 12. Almonds The Vitamin E in almonds repairs damaged skin cells and provides more protection against UV light. It also works against free radicals, also known for their wrinkling and aging effects. Almond oil is also effective for smoothening skin. 13. Dark Chocolate Here’s liberty to binge on your choco bars! The flavonol compounds found in dark chocolate have anti oxidant properties that help clear rough skin and increase its strength against the sun’s UV rays. 14. Salmon Salmon and salmon oil contain dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) which is a compound that strengthens all membranes by protecting their integrity. It is also effective at smoothening the skin and keeping away wrinkles. Salmon isn’t the only skin-healing fish; other recommended types include sardines and mackerel, whose omega-3 fatty acid content is particularly effective against skin inflammation. More Foods to Consider…

  • Vegetable oils such as safflower oil, olive oil
  • Coconut oil and water
  • Spinach
  • Eggs
  • Pawpaws
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Yoghurt
  • Strawberries
  • Sea weed (yes, sea weed!)
  • Garlic
  • And lots more.

What Vitamins Are Good for Skin Health?

We’ve talked about the best foods to eat for a smooth skin, and it’s only fitting to discover the actual nutrients that make those foods pro-skin smoothness. When it comes to the skin, vitamins are perhaps the most beneficial nutrient you can take.

Their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties render them effective for treating swellings and scars on the skin, enabling long lasting smoothness.

The body avails the skin with vitamins naturally, albeit in limited quantities. That is why you need to supplement the existing body vitamin composition with vitamins from your diet.

Note: You need to have all the vitamins in your diet for a healthy body. The ones listed below are just hand-picked for their effectiveness in smoothening dry, rough skin.

Vitamin A

There’s a huge reason why foods rich in vitamin A are highly recommended for skin development and treatment. Vitamin has been found and proven to smoothen skin, help with discoloration/dark spots, minimize wrinkles.

And give the skin a younger, fresher glow.  That’s why it’s a major ingredient in topical creams for acne and other skin diseases.

Vitamin A is also effective at healing damaged tissues, making it ideal for treating any scars, wounds or broken tissues that may roughen up the skin.

Note: If you are using a topical cream with Vitamin A as an ingredient such as retinol, it’s best to apply it at night because the sun partly affects the performance of vitamin A.

Vitamin C

There’s lots of good stuff that is attributed to Vitamin C, but its ability to slow aging tends to stand out. It’s the reason all varieties of fruits are shoved into our faces by friends, nutritionists, and dermatologists.

This is enabled by the Vitamin’s powers to combat free radicals in the body, preventing their aging, wrinkling, and skin roughening effects.

Vitamin C has also been found to be effective at minimizing dark spot formation on the skin through inhibition of pigment transfer to the cells within those areas of the skin.

Vitamin E

Research shows that Vitamin E is very effective against free radicals in the body, and greatly lowers the effects of the sun’s UV radiation on the body. Vitamin E is also recommended for its ability to help the skin retain its moisture even on hot days.

Vitamin B1

This vitamin is particularly beneficial when it comes to circulation, where it improves the circulation of blood all over the body, including the skin. The result is increased oxygen supply to the skin and a smoother skin that glows.

Vitamin B3

Also known as niacin or niacinamide,

Vitamin B3 is known for its ability to improve the skin’s natural moisture retaining capacity. Click To Tweet

It does so by triggering increased secretion of fatty acids and ceramides, both of which act as building blocks for a stronger skin that retains its moisture for longer.

Vitamin K

Medically known as phytonadione, Vitamin K’s blood clotting qualities make it effective in stopping the blood flow from fragile capillaries in the skin that is responsible for under eye swellings. Vitamin K is usually prescribed along with another vitamin for more effect.

So, if you’re still troubled about how to have a smooth skin, consider getting these vitamins in your diet. Regular consumption is required for results of course, in addition to all the other meals that make up a balanced diet.

What to Drink for A Smooth Skin

Another tip on how to have a smooth skin that we can’t leave out is hydration. Good, healthy drinks full of nutrients are recommended just as much as good, healthy meals for a smooth skin. In fact, liquids get absorbed into the blood stream faster than solids, which gives healthy drinks and edge over food in giving your skin the smoothness it deserves. Consider adding all or some of the liquids below to your diet to get a smooth skin or maintain one.


This goes without saying, most of the time. The skin depends on the water within the body to stay hydrated and supple all through the day. Water is also necessary for toxin ejection from the body through sweating, otherwise, toxin accumulation may occur and result in terrible skin breakouts. The water you use must be clean and meant for drinking of course. Most sources recommend up to 8 glasses a day of water, but experts agree that you can get some of the required daily water intakes from other sources such as beverages (hello, coffee!) and from watery fruits such as watermelons.

Lemon Juice

There seems to be no end to what you can use the lemon for. Experts recommend that you add half a lemon to warm water every morning and drink for smooth, healthier skin. Because of its strong antioxidant nature and rich Vitamin C content, the lemon is rendered effective at removing any existing toxins from the face and keeping it smooth.

Soy Milk

Soy milk contains isoflavones, which are compounds that have a ton of benefits for the skin, including protecting and strengthening collagen, minimizing wrinkle formation, minimizing skin discoloration and protecting the skin from excess sunlight.

Water Melon Juice

Get your watermelon smoothies in order! The watermelon’s high water content makes it good for skin hydration in more ways than one. Click To Tweet Watermelon juice is a good water supplement for the body and facilitates the development of smooth, glowy skin all year round.

Pomegranate Juice

The pomegranate is not just a beautiful fruit; its juice is also super beneficial for the skin. The polyphenols and antioxidants found in pomegranate juice have been found to boost the development and performance of fibroblasts, or the area of the skin where collagen is formed.

Kale Juice

Kale is good enough as a pro-skin veggie. Click To Tweet It’s juice? Even better. The Vitamin A and Vitamin C content within its leaves are beneficial in enabling good cell turnover, allowing the body to get rid of dead cells and leave younger cells to give the skin a lasting glow. Both vitamins also strengthen collagen, enabling it to keep the skin taut and healthy.

Green Tea

Green tea has long been recommended for various ailments, and rough skin is one of them. The active ingredients in green tea, also known as catechins and polyphenols, are effective in protecting the skin from the negative effects of exposure to sunlight such as aging and dry skin. Their anti oxidant properties also make them perfect remedies for any inflammations on the skin.

Bone Soup

This is probably the last drink you would expect. Bone soup has a natural concentration of essential proteins and compounds such as glycine and gelatin whose effect on the skin is positive. Bone soup also boosts collagen strength, keeping the skin strong and wrinkle free. There are lots more you can drink for a skin as smooth as Jennifer Aniston’s; the drinks listed above are just some of the most recommended by nutritionists worldwide.

Home Remedies for Clear Skin

Smooth Skin with Essential Oils

The best essential oils for the skin include olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, safflower oil and more. All of these have been found to improve skin moisture and maintain skin suppleness for longer. All you have to do is massage the oil into the skin regularly before bed to start seeing results.

Smooth Skin with Lemon

The lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C, whose anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties are known the world over. It may also be applied as an exfoliator for its properties, but it exposes your skin to more burning and redness when exposed to the sun.

Smooth Skin with Milk

The fact that the evil queen Ravenna in the fairy tale Cinderella bathes in milk to stay young is proof of how long the world has been using milk to keep the skin smooth and young. Milk comes with almost all natural nutrients, making it good to apply on rough skin for treatment.

Smooth Skin with Olive Oil

Olive oil is an essential oil packed with a ton of properties and nutrients for your skin. Click To Tweet It’s especially useful for really dry skin, and all you had to do is rub it into the skin before bed and wear stockings for more effect.

Smooth Skin with Honey

Honey is particularly known for its ability to improve the skin’s moisture retaining capacity.

Smooth Skin with Baking Soda

Baking soda’s abrasive properties make it a good fit for scrubbing and exfoliating dead cells off the skin. To use baking soda, just mix it in some water and scrub the skin thoroughly with it. Baking soda is commonly used alongside honey or lemon in a mixture for more effect, and with salt to make for an even stronger scrub.

Smooth Skin with A Natural Face Scrubs

Scrubbing your skin to open the pores is important. You can always use natural scrubs such as sugar and olive oil to make this possible. The sugar works as a scrub on the face, while the olive oil works as a moisturizer that keeps the skin supple after the scrub.

Honey and Yogurt

Mix honey and yogurt together to form a paste and then apply on the skin. Honey improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture while healing wounds and scars Yoghurt’s richness in minerals such as zinc makes it useful in controlling excessive sebum production.

Lemon and Yogurt

In addition to yogurt’s assortment of nutrients, lemon comes with a series of advantages, some of which include being a source of vitamin C is which is effective against wrinkling and premature aging. The lemon also happens to be effective at battling dark spots on the skin.

Yogurt and Baking Soda

Yogurt contains mineral nutrients such as zinc, calcium and some B vitamins while baking soda’s mild abrasive nature renders it ideal for exfoliation. When used together as a facial mask, they are known to provide positive results.

Egg White Facial Mask

The egg is rich in more nutrients than many foods we consume daily. To use for the skin, you can always make a face mask from egg white and apply for 30 minutes before washing off. You can also use a lemon and egg mixture as an alternative. Simply add half a lemon to one egg white and stir to make a paste, Leave the paste on your face for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. To sum it up, if you’re wondering how to have a smooth skin, there’s a ton of natural remedies you can try. The ones listed above are just the tip of the ice berg.

Frequently Asked Questions about Smooth Skin

Use CTRL+F (Win) or CMD+F (Mac) to search for topics, we have covered all the most commonly asked questions about smooth skin in these FAQs. If we missed something out, let us know via the comments section and we will keep updating this list.

What to do for smooth skin in winter?
The winter can be a hard time for your skin. In addition to the coldness, the skin is prone to drying, flaking and cracking all through the season. Here’s a simple summary of what to do for smooth skin in the winter. Moisturize using a recommended cream at the beginning of every day. Your skin loses moisture to the dry atmosphere, so you need to keep it moisturized for smoother skin. Use a humidifier within the house especially when the heating is on. The humidifier provides moisture for the dry air to absorb, protecting your skin in the process. You can hang a moist towel in your bedroom for this purpose. Wear full protective clothing to cover up your skin from the cold air and the wind. This wind blows moisture off your face, leaving it dry.
How to smooth skin without bumps?
  • Follow a recommended skin care routine.
  • Moisturize regularly
  • Apply your sunscreen on the whole body
  • Double cleanse before bed
  • Wash off your make up before bed.
  • Get a professional to do your skin waxing for you; poorly done waxing results in ugly bumps all over the skin.
  • Treat your acne and other skin blemishes on time.

These are just some of the tips to use if you have a smooth skin free from bumps. Find out others from earlier sections of this article.

How to smooth skin without products?
If you wish to forego all skin care products, the only option you have left is natural home remedies and lifestyle changes. The good news is that a great many natural remedies are available, and most have been proven to clear rough skin just as effectively as skin care products. Check out the natural remedies we recommend to use for a smooth skin in previous sections of this article.
How to get smooth skin without acne/pimples?
To get a smooth skin without acne or pimples, a number of factors need to be controlled. The first is excessive oil production on your skin. You can control that with adding more zinc to your diet. You also need to minimize pore clogging, pore enlargement, and acne formation. You can achieve that with regular cleansing to open up the pores, exfoliation to do away with dead cells, moisturizing to keep the skin supple and medical treatments such as topical retinoids to treat the acne.
How to get smooth skin without makeup/foundation?
The best way to get smooth skin without makeup or foundation is by using natural remedies to treat the skin completely and bring back its smoothness. Some good natural remedies act as scrubs and exfoliators for rough skin, while others provide the body with the required nutrients to enable the growth of smooth skin. Check out the list of natural remedies you can consider in earlier sections of this article.
How to get smooth skin without surgery?
For most kinds of rough skin, surgery should really be the very last option. There are lots of medications and natural remedies that you can use to get a really smooth skin again. For information about the medications and natural remedies, check out earlier sections of this article on how to have smooth skin. We recommend that you stick to a good skin care routine, take up a balanced diet and stay hydrated every day in order to keep surgery at bay.
How to get smooth skin without shaving?
  • You can opt for waxing instead if you’re not okay with shaving but still want to get rid of body hair.
  • Following a healthy skin care routine is still important, as it eating healthy, staying hydrated and keeping out of the sun.
How to get smooth skin without Botox?
If you’ve considered Botox it’s probably because you want to lift your skin up and do away with wrinkles, creased skin and more. Botox can be quite pricey, but there are a few alternatives you can consider to get that same smooth skin. If you prefer medical treatments, you can consider chemical peels and microdermabrasion both of which do away with old skin to reveal younger skin. Then there are topical retinoids that you can apply on wrinkles and rough skin, and laser treatments, whose effects include smooth skin and increased collagen production. Natura remedies are available too; consider checking out some of those listed in previous sections of this article.

Wrapping Up

Rough skin happens to the best of us. With all the chores we have to do and the sunshine we are exposed to during the day, our skins are prone to drying up and scaling. In this article, we give you a detailed set of guidelines you can follow as regards eating, drinking and living a healthy lifestyle in order to get back your smooth skin. Here’s to supple and dewy skin!

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