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Our gut is full of bacteria that…wait for it…help us digest food and resist health problems. We call these friendly bacteria ‘probiotics’.

From easing Irritable Bowel Syndrome to reducing menstrual cramps, the potential health benefits of probiotics are widespread and still being researched.

And, yes, the efficacy of probiotics is medically accepted, including by the WHO and the UNFAO.

To help you reap the vast benefits probiotics can offer we at Unsullyd reviewed popular probiotics for a large variety of situations and listed out the top probiotics.

The Best Probiotics

Probiotics – Top 5 Favorites

The Best Probiotic For Women

Probiotics can provide numerous benefits specially women will appreciate.

For example probiotics help keep the pH of the vaginal area somewhat low (acidic) which stops harmful bacteria from growing.

To help you select a good one, we at Unsullyd reviewed popular products to list out the 5 best probiotics for women.

The Best Probiotic For Men

With antibiotic usage soaring worldwide, diversity among the microorganisms in our bodies, especially in the gut, has gone for a toss.

Which is tragic since there are billions of friendly bacteria in our bodies that help such important and complex functions as protecting the intestinal lining.

To help you choose specifically those supplements that concentrate on alleviating men’s problems we at Unsullyd reviewed popular products to list out the 3 top probiotics for men.

The Best Probiotic For Children

Choosing probiotics for children comes with its own set of challenges.

For example children won’t want to consume something they don’t like so bad-tasting products are a definite no-no.

To help you choose one that your children will LOVE, we at Unsullyd reviewed the 20 or so best-selling children’s probiotics and, based on objective criteria, listed the 5 best probiotics for children.

The Best Probiotics For Weight Loss

Probiotics can encourage weight loss in various ways. For example probiotics encourage secretion of a hormone called GLP-1. That helps you burn calories.

However choice of the probiotic is important.

To help you lose weight we at Unsullyd reviewed around two dozen popular products and listed the best probiotics for weight loss.

The Best Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotics are ubiquitous. They occur in pickles, kefir, sauerkraut and so on.

However one of the classic foods that you can depend upon to supply you with critical probiotics is yogurt.

That being said, not all yogurts are rich in probiotics. To help you choose ones that are, Unsullyd reviewed the top dozen or so products to help you choose the best probiotic yogurt.

The Best Probiotic For Constipation

Various probiotics have been shown to increase the number of bowel movements, soften stools making it easier for them to pass and so on.

All of which should ease constipation. However the choice of probiotic is critical.

We at Unsullyd therefore reviewed the 20 or so top products to list the 5 best probiotics for constipation, all based on objective criteria.

The Best Probiotic For Anxiety

There is growing evidence that probiotics can help you deal with anxiety.

One way they do this is by reducing levels of cortisol, a stress-producing hormone.

To help you reduce stress we at Unsullyd reviewed the 20 or so best selling products to list out the top 3 probiotics for anxiety.

The Best Probiotic For Infants

There are obvious challenges administering probiotics to infants.

For one, they’d need very mild formulae. Second, they need it to be administered in liquid form.

We at Unsullyd reviewed a dozen or so popular infants’ probiotics to select for you the 5 best probiotics for infants.

The Best Natural Probiotic

Given a choice wouldn’t we like to go au naturel?

Provided you make the right choice it is possible to have a probiotic that lacks too many artificial ingredients but is still useful in various ways.

To help you choose the right all-natural ‘friendly gut bacteria’ we at Unsullyd reviewed 20 popular products to select the 5 best natural probiotics.

The Best Probiotic For Vaginal Health

Probiotics, the ‘friendly gut-neighborhood bacteria’, help maintain vaginal health in many ways.

For example they can crowd out the vagina in sheer numbers. They also keep the pH slightly acidic which destroys harmful bacteria.

To help you choose a good probiotic, we at Unsullyd fanned out and reviewed 2 dozen or so popular products. Based on objective criteria we listed the 5 best probiotics for vaginal health.

The Best Probiotic Pills

Rather than go to the trouble of taking powders and stirring them in milk or mixing them in yogurt, it’s convenient to just pop a pill.

However you do need to select a good one. Too few CFU’s for example would deny you most of the expected benefits.

We at Unsullyd want the best for you. That’s why we reviewed 20-odd popular pills to list out the 3 best probiotic pills. We listed the 5 best

probiotics for vaginal health.

The Best Probiotic For Yeast Infection

Yeast infections arise from overgrowth of the fungus candida. Such infections are rarely threatening to your life but they’re certainly embarassing and frequently painful.

Probiotics can help prevent such infections by strengthening your immune system and rendering the vaginal area hostile to growth of candida.

We at Unsullyd reviewed a dozen or so hot-selling products to help you choose the best probiotic for yeast infection.

The Best Probiotic For Diarrhea

Probiotics can potentially cut diarrhea duration by 1 day.

Particularly when the diarrhea is caused by the rotavirus or by C. diffile.

We at Unsullyd reviewed more than a dozen popular products to help you select the best probiotic for diarrhea based on rational criteria.

The Best Probiotic Supplement

S. boulardii, L. acidophilus, B. Infantis and so on.

These are some of the most famous ‘friendly neighborhood bacteria’ that crowd bad bacteria out of your gut (they grow in hundreds of billions) and create a hostile atmosphere for bad bacteria.

Prebiotics are food ingredients that help probiotics grow and thrive.

You should have a perfect combination of them to reap the full probiotic benefit.

To help you with that we at Unsullyd reviewed more than 2 dozen popular products to select the best probiotic supplements.

Many foods like yogurt contain probiotics naturally. However if you specifically want to consume probiotics check if the label says ‘live and active cultures’.

Probiotics are indeed beneficial to you in many ways. Financially it is a billion dollar industry and expected to clock 12% to 15% CAGR till 2027, which means it’s growing in popularity.

However probiotics should not be taken as an alternative to prescription medication. Furthermore if you suffer from existing ailments or conditions, inform your physician before taking probiotics.

That’s about it! If you know a probiotic that’s better than the ones I’ve selected, feel free to tell me. The good suggestions may get a shout-out on Twitter and/or Facebook.

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