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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Well, mascara ain’t that bad a friend either. It can line and bring out your eyelashes, enhancing them or just amplifying your natural beauty.

The choice of mascara is critical. You wouldn’t want something that smudges or starts fading within an hour. It should be easy on your skin.

To help you make the choice, we at Unsullyd examined and reviewed popular mascaras based on 9 different scenarios to bring you the best mascaras.

The Best Mascara

Mascaras – Top 5 Favorites

The Best Drugstore Mascara

A mascara that brings out your lashes, doesn’t smudge or irritate the skin..and so on…all without being too heavy on your pocket.

That’d be the Dream Come True, wouldn’t it?

And here at Unsullyd we strive to make your dream come true.

That’s why we reviewed 20 popular products and, based on objective criteria, selected the 5 best drugstore mascaras.

The Best Lengthening Mascara

Length happens to be one of the 4 Dimensions in Mascara World.

Simply lengthening your lashes can take you from Just Woke Up to Ready For A Runway.

To help you get started, we at Unsullyd reviewed 2 dozen best sellers to select the best lengthening mascaras.

The Best Mascara For Thin Lashes

You may not be blessed with full lashes, but that’s no reason to not aspire to a full look.

All you need is a filling mascara that gives your lashes a thicker look without making them spidery.

To help you make a good choice we at Unsullyd reviewed a dozen or so popular products to select the top 5 mascaras for thin lashes.

The Best Non Clumpy Mascara

When you apply mascara you want your lashes to glow and grow. You don’t want them to clump.

Unfortunately clumping is a much more common problem than you think.

To help you avoid it we at Unsullyd reviewed the 20 or so hottest products and, based on objective criteria, selected the 3 best non clumpy mascaras.

The Best Waterproof Mascara

Having makeup run down your cheeks is the all but one worst makeup experience. The worst of course is your skin burning from sub-standard ingredients.

However if your mascara is not waterproof you risk condemnation to ridicule because the moment you sweat it may start streaking down.

To help you avoid that we at Unsullyd reviewed a dozen or so popular products to select for you the best waterproof mascara

The Best Natural Looking Mascara

You may not want or need giant artificial flourishes. Your natural beauty may be enough; all you need is to bring it out.

Yes, Unsullyd is prepared for that as well. That’s why we reviewed over 2 dozen mascaras to select for you the best natural looking mascara.

The Best Volumizing Mascara

Even if your lashes are sparse, a fuller, more dramatic look is natural for you to look forward to.

Which is why we at Unsullyd reviewed around a dozen mascaras to select the 5 best volumizing mascaras.

The Best Long Lasting Mascara

Volume? Check.

Length? Check.

After one hour? Gone.

Not something you’d want, is it?

We at Unsullyd don’t want that either. So we decided to scour through best sellers and select the top 3 long lasting mascaras for you.

The Best Non Smudge Mascara

Your mascara has a good shade, very filling and light on the skin.

Then, for some reason you rub your skin and the mascara smudges all over.

We at Unsullyd are anxious that you avoid such a scenario.

So we examined 10 popular products to select the best non smudge mascara for you.

You should enjoy the mascara you selected but always remember to follow mascara hygiene.

  1. If the mascara starts drying too soon, DO NOT use water to loosen it. If you must loosen, use contact lens solution.
  2. A second aspect of mascara hygiene is to be very selfish and NEVER, EVER share it with anyone. You’re doing both yourself and your BFF (who’s presumably asking to share) a big favor by saving both of you from a very high risk of infection. I kid you not.
  3. A third aspect of mascara hygiene is smell/odour. If you notice your mascara starting to smell, especially like gasoline, it’s a sure bet it’s going/gone bad. Throw it away or return it!

That’s about it! If you know a mascara that’s better than the ones I’ve selected, feel free to tell me. The good suggestions may get a shout-out on Twitter and/or Facebook.

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