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The word ‘Lavender’ is derived from the Latin ‘lavare’ which means ‘to wash’.

Which is entirely appropriate seeing how the essential oil of lavender plants can

spirit away stress

resist the growth of acne and other bacteria

clear lice, nits and so on off of your scalp

and generally, wash away your troubles.

Having said that, it’s not enough to know just that. You need to know which lavender oil, which brand, to get.

And that’s what I’ll help you out with.

I’ve reviewed various lavender oils sold in the markets to select the 3 top lavender essential oils.

At A Glance: The Best Lavender Essential Oils

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade is a good blend of lavender and lavandin useful for repelling bugs and should also help you sleep.

Radha Beauty Lavender Essential Oil can help you go to sleep, kill stress and may be used in a refreshing bath.

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil is good for reducing stress, promoting sleep and hair and skin care. It can even be ingested.

01. Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil Review

This offering from Majestic Pure is actually a blend of two different kinds of Lavender

  • Lavandula augustifolia/angustifolia from Bulgaria; and
  • Lavandula hybrida from France.

Of course, strictly speaking, Lavandula hybrida is called ‘Lavandin’ and not ‘Lavender’.

 Why does that matter?

Lavandin is a hybrid species that was created in the 1920’s for the French perfume industry, if I’m not very much mistaken.

It’s a hybrid between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia (also called ‘Spike Lavender’).

  • Lavandin flowers tend to be larger than lavender.
  • Lavandin oil has a slightly stronger medicinal scent whereas lavender oil has a weaker floral scent.
  • Lavandin oil contains more camphor than lavender oil. This means lavender oil would be much better at dealing with burns and some scars.
  • Lavadin oil contains more alcohols than lavender oil. So lavandin is better for antifungal purposes than lavender.

This being a blend of the two, is slightly camphoraceous.

Probably due to that, this Lavender Essential Oil can be used in place of mothballs and in general is quite a good bug repellent.

Again, probably of the lavandin, another popular use of this would be adding it to soaps, scrubs, bath bombs and so on for a refreshing cleanse.

It’s also good for cleansing your scalp and hopefully deal with alopecia. Use it with jojoba oil as a carrier.

Then we come to the most popular use of lavender – to calm people down, reduce insomnia etc. Let me review this from 2 aspects – generally how well it does; and how well it does in a diffuser.

Being a lavender oil, it should help you calm down and sleep but this is a blend of lavender and lavandin and is slightly camphoraceous.

So if you try to apply a drop or two on the temples etc, it may sensitize your skin a little because skin irritation is a known side effect of camphor.

Using it with a carrier should pose no problem and should help you calm down and sleep. Take 2 drops of the oil in 1 teaspoon of carrier.

Coming to diffusers, this particular Lavender Essential Oil would not have the typical floral scent of lavender due to the presence of lavandin. So you may not like the fragrance.

But it should help you sleep.

Another fact to note is that the fragrance may fade too soon; so use slightly more oil than usual in the diffuser.

The oil is ‘therapeutic grade’ which is an important industry standard.

What I Liked

100% Natural Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil.

Good to repel bugs.

Can be used as mothballs.

Can be used with scrubs, bath bombs etc.

Good for scalp cleansing and hair.

Should help you calm down and sleep.

What I Didn’t Like

May sensitize your skin if applied directly.
Some users may not like the fragrance.
Fragrance may fade too soon in a diffuser.

02. Radha Beauty Lavender Essential Oil Review

Steam distilled from the French Lavender, Radha’s Lavender Essential Oil is sure to leave its mark on you.

It won’t leave its mark on paper, mind you. It should pass the paper test easily.

It’s Therapeutic Grade which is an important industry standard.

Coming to uses I would say it’s best used to fight insomnia and promote sleep. It can also calm you down.

You can try putting a couple of drops on your pillow.

Alternatively, take 2 drops of the Lavender Essential Oil in a teaspoon of carrier like Jojoba Oil or Grapeseed Oil (which are of lighter consistency) and massage it on your temples, wrists and so on.

There is a popular practice of massaging the essential oil directly onto the temples but this particular one is strong and direct application may sensitize your skin.

Talking of sleep, another way to get a good night’s sleep is to diffuse the oil; another popular practice. I would recommend starting with 4 drops and then adjusting the amount as you require.

Some users, however, may find the scent a little light; so you may need to use a bit more than you usually do. It all depends on your individual requirement.

Similar application should relieve stress as well.

The next popular use of this would be in cleansing (baths) and hair care.

Add this Lavender Essential Oil and some Epsom Salt to your bath for a refreshing cleanse.

You can also add this to your shampoo for a refreshing cleansing of the scalp. Another option would be to add it to a suitable carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil) to massage into your hair.

Apart from being soothing, it may help reduce itching and dandruff.

The effect on (reducing) hair loss though will vary from user to user.

This Lavender Essential Oil works well at dealing with bugs too. Just add a few drops of oil to cotton balls and leave them lying around; your bugs problem should reduce considerably.

Lavender Essential Oil is good for reducing acne, fading scars and so on as well. However I think this oil may be sensitizing to some users so you should do a patch test before using it for problems like acne and scars.

One thing to look out for is the bottle itself. It includes an inbuilt dropper. If this is broken or melted or damaged in any way, I would advise asking for a refund or replacement.

What I Liked

 Therapeutic Grade.

 Reduces insomnia and promotes sleep.

 Kills stress.

 Can be diffused safely.

 Can be added to baths, soaps and shampoos.

 Good for the scalp.

 May be used to repel bugs.

 May be used to reduce acne and scars.

What I Didn’t Like

Some users may not appreciate the scent.

The scent may fade too quickly in a diffuser.

May be sensitizing to some users’ skin.

If the dropper is damaged in any way, ask for a replacement or a refund.

03. doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil Review

This Lavender Essential Oil is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is an important industry standard.

I’d say the best thing about this Lavender Essential Oil is that it can be ingested. So you can add a drop or two of this Lavender Essential Oil from doTERRA to your chocolate or ice cream.

Provided you don’t take too much, ingestion of Lavender Essential Oil may help you deal with indigestion and prevent build-up of gas.

By far, the most effective use of this Lavender Essential Oil is in aromatherapy. It will help you relax, kill stress and sleep.

To help with sleep, take one drop of this Lavender Essential Oil and massage it onto your temples. Take another drop and massage it onto the back of your neck.

To help with stress or a headache, massage on drop each on your temples, the back of your neck and on your wrists.

I don’t think this Lavender Essential Oil from doTERRA is that strong as to cause irritation on the skin. However, if it does, mix it in a carrier oil that has a light consistency like Jojoba Oil or Grapeseed Oil.

The other way to use it for relaxing is of course to diffuse it. For diffusion you can use a lava bracelet or a diffuser.

I don’t think it should pose any problems in a diffuser because it doesn’t leave a stain on paper (If it stains paper, it’s greasy, not a true essential oil and will spoil a diffuser).

It’s good for the skin too. It can help reduce acne, fade scars and heal small cuts. If your skin it itching, this Lavender Essential Oil should provide relief from that as well.

You can add this to shampoos, soaps and bath bombs for a nice cleansing experience.

For your hair, try adding 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to 1 teaspoon of Coconut Oil and 3 teaspoons of water in a spray bottle. Use that spray for a refreshing and nourishing head massage.

Finally, it’s a great help repelling bugs.

Take a drop of two of this Lavender Essential Oil to a cup of baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture over your bed, rugs and carpets to drive away and kill bed bugs.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and to that add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Apply the mixture around the house. You will enjoy a light aroma while insects will be repelled.

What I Liked

 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).

 May be ingested.

 Kills stress and promotes sleep.

 Can be diffused.

 Relieves itching on the skin and fights acne, scars and so on.

 Can be used to repel bugs.

What I Didn’t Like

 May cause skin irritation in some users.

Some users may find the scent too mild.

What should you look for to select the best lavender essential oil?

If you think about it, lavender oil is what it is and there is no major property – like astringent or humectants – that will be present in one brand and not in the other.

OK, what attributes should you check when you buy the best lavender essential oil?

Certification – Some oils are USDA Certified Organic which is granted by the Dept of Agriculture. Some other oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which is an industry standard. If a brand has either of both of these certifications it’s a plus for sure.

Packaging – Many oils come with rubber droppers. Sometimes the rubber can melt or corrode. If that is the case you should not use the oil.

Scent – Scents can vary and particular users may find particular scents too strong or too weak. But if the oil smells like perfume, or worse, rancid, do not buy or use the oil.

Well, those are the 3 Lavender Essential Oils I think are the best available.

But, even among them you have to choose. To help set you off, let me reveal which one of the 3 I would regard as absolutely the BEST, the top Lavender Essential Oil.

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

One, it may be ingested, unlike Majestic Pure and Radha’s products. This means you can use it to enhance the flavour of some dishes and reduce gas.

Two, it’s good for aromatherapy via lava beads or diffusers. You can even just sprinkle it on your pillow.

It reduces stress and pain and helps you sleep.

It’s good for the skin and hair. You can use it as a spray for a head massage and also in shampoos, soaps, scrubs and bath bombs.

It will wrap your house with a fresh aroma while repelling bugs.

Lavender Essential Oil Linen Spray

  • 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
  • 1 tablespoon vodka.
  • 3 tablespoons of water.

Combine them in a spray bottle and you have your own home-made linen spray.


There seem to be suggestions around of using essential oils to clean your eyes or ward off eyelash mites.

DO NOT DO THAT would be my opinion.

The evidence of essential oils being of any great significant benefit to your eyes or eyelids or lashes is very weak.

On the other hand applying essential oils around the eyes will almost certainly lead to side effects like irritation and may even corrode your corneas.

Right, that’s about it.

If you think there’s a Lavender Essential Oil out there that I’ve missed, do drop a comment.

Good suggestions may get a shout-out on Twitter and/on Facebook!

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