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Migraine? Problem.

Lavender oil. Problem solved….?

Not quite?

You can’t just buy ‘Lavender oil’. You have to select a good essential oil brand.

And there lies another rub.

You need to select the best brand of essential oils and order from them.

Otherwise you could end up with lavender oil that stains paper. As I will explain later, that is a possible sign of essential oil fraud.

And if you put these not-quite-essential oils in your diffuser, be prepared to kiss your diffuser bye-bye.

I don’t want you to get another migraine just selecting an oil for your migraine.

So I’ve sifted through 20 different brands and selected 7 top brands of essential oils.

At A Glance: My Choices For The Best Essential Oil Brands

Pure Body Naturals Essential Oils. They offer some interesting carrier oils and nice add-ons.

Edens Garden Essential Oils. They offer many oils to choose from AND their GC/MS test reports are available on request.

doTERRA Essential Oils. With its registered ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ testing process, doTERRA has acquired a highly respected stature in the natural oils market.

ArtNaturals Essential Oils. Has a great range of competitively priced essential oil sets.

Young Living Essential Oils. Possibly the oldest essential oils company in the world, Young Living offers you a diverse range of oils to choose from.


Changelog of Last 3 Updates
  • May 18, 2018 – Added section – Based on our continuous evaluation process added a 7th brand, Aromaland Essential Oils, to our essential oils brand review.
  • May 17, 2018 – Added section – Based on our continuous evaluation process added a 6th brand, Ameo Essential Oils, to our essential oils brand review.
  • ….
  • September 21, 2017 – Article written covering the best 5 essential oil brands. Edens Garden stood the clear winner.

The Best Essential Oil Brand

01. Pure Body Naturals Essential Oils Review

Pure Body Naturals states its mission simply as ‘creating beautiful, natural, healthy body care’.

It has carved out a comfortable niche emerging as one of the best brands of essential oils to buy.

For a beginner’s taste Pure Body offers a reasonably priced Top 6 Sampler Set.

They have a good range of essential oils available.

Their Helichrysum EO in particular is extremely enticing with a nice earthy scent and amenable to lots of DIY recipes for anti-wrinkling cream, sunscreen and so on.

However I have one small protest. They have two different packs for their lavender oil – a 4 oz bottle and a 1 oz bottle.

Instead of having two packages for the same oil they could have had one more oil like lemongrass or orange (both of which feature in their sampler set).

Diffusers: Oils work well in diffusers

Prices: In the lower range in my selection.

What I Liked

Good packaging – either a separate dropper or a dropper cap

They sell 8 different kinds of carrier oils as well

The tamanu carrier oil works great with lavender oil

Its castor oil comes with an applicator kit which is very useful for applying it around the eyes

What I Didn’t Like

Quality and purity tests not available

There are complaints that a few products fail the paper test

The Best Essential Oil Company

02. Edens Garden Essential Oils Review

Ms Grace Martin got the inspiration for this essential oil company from her trip to New Zealand

Edens Garden has come a long way from being a tiny business in Ms Martin’s in-laws’ garage.

Are Edens Garden essential oils good?

What sets Edens Garden apart as one of the best essential oils companies is its vast range – it has 141 different single oils and 57 different carefully put together blends.

For example its Worry Less blend comprises

  • Vetiver (mood uplifting)
  • Lavender (stress-busting)
  • Ylang Ylang (antidepressant)
  • Frankincense (antidepressant and sedative)
  • Clary Sage (increases serotonin and reduces cortisol levels stabilizing your mood)
  • Sweet Marjoram (controls blood circulation and promotes sleep)
  • Cistus (used widely to combat burnout and induce calm)
  • Spearmint (known for having a calming and numbing effect)

As you can see, all the ingredients are relevant to the purpose (in this case to reduce stress and anxiety) of the blend.

It also offers 25 different carrier oils that are also chosen strategically to support most essential oils (EO’s).

Are Edens Garden essential oils pure?

Edens Garden essential oils are GC/MS certified, ensuring purity and thereby quality.

Diffusers: Oils work well in diffusers

Prices: In the higher range in my selection.

What I Liked

 The staff is very interactive

 They offer 141 different single oils

 They also offer 25 different carrier oils

 Their products are third party GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectometry) tested. Reports are available on request

 The company partners with social service organizations like ‘Teen Challenge’

What I Didn’t Like


The Best Pure Essential Oil Brand

03. doTERRA Essential Oils Review

doTERRA (Latin ‘Gift of the Earth’) was founded in 2008 by a group of healthcare and business professionals.

doTERRA has acquired a stellar reputation as a top essential oil brand within the first decade of its existence.

It has even registered its own quality standard – ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’.

It also has a wide range – 58 single oils and 48 proprietary blends. It does include some lesser known oils like Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica) Essential Oil.

They have 13 well-chosen ‘packs’ which are collections of various essential oils packaged together, aimed at various classes of users like Athletes’ Kit and Beginners’ Trio Kit.

This I think will come in very useful for those hunting for bargain buys.

They also offer a number of accessories like diffusers and lotions.

Apart from the essential oils world, doTERRA probiotic products (like the doTERRA PB Assist+ prebiotic and probiotic complex) are widely sought after.

Diffusers: Oils work well in diffusers.

Prices: In the higher range among our selection.

What I Liked

 They offer almost 50 different single oils

 They also offer some superb blends

 They conduct various tests like GC/MS and Chirality Analysis to ensure quality. The GC/MS results can be viewed on request

 They have a Global Botanical Network over 40 countries

 Through their Co-Impact Sourcing they make positive interventions in the lives of the farmers and harvesters they source their oils from

 They are involved with social service organizations like Operation Underground Railroad

What I Didn’t Like

 The oils are distilled by their partners (Global Botanical Network) and shipped to doTERRA

The Best Lavender Essential Oil Brand

04. ArtNaturals Essential Oils Review

ArtNaturals is a locally established business in Los Angeles.

It offers around 15 different oils, a few ‘Signature’ blends and some sets of various oils sold together.

They also offer 4 carrier oils including tamanu oil.

What makes ArtNaturals one of the best brands for essential oils is that their products are affordable for most buyers. They also have an extremely customer-friendly return policy.

Their ‘Signature’ blends are also carefully created. For example their Signature Chi oil includes

  • Tea Tree oil (known to reduce chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Lemon essential oil (reduces fatigue; rich in D-limonene which suppresses appetite)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil (reduces headaches and promotes well-being)
  • Siberian Fir Tree oil (generally reduces fatigue)
  • Cardamon essential oil (energizing)
  • European Bay Laurel essential oil (relieves exhaustion)

As you can clearly see, very strategically chosen to reduce fatigue and curb appetite to some extent (the stated purpose of the Signature Chi blend).

However they do not offer an extensive variety of oils.

In addition to the plains oils they also offer essential oil roll-ons and diffusers.

Diffusers: Oils work well with diffusers.

Prices: In the lower range in my selection.

What I Liked

They offer many oil sets suitable for gifting

Their lemongrass (in a Witch Hazel or alcohol base) is a great mosquito repellent

Their Signature Zen, which blends lavender, rosemary, and sweet orange oils, is great for headaches

What I Didn’t Like

The scientific name of the tree is not mentioned on the label

Some users complain of defective shipping

The Best Quality Essential Oil Brand

05. Young Living Essential Oils Review

Founded in 1994 by Donald Gary Young and Mary Young, Young Living is a proud essential oils veteran.

It also has a wide range of essential oils including some not so well-known ones like Dorado Azul (Hyptis suaveolens) that is rich in 1,8-cineol and is a good antioxidant and decongestant.

It also offers a variety of exciting blends and roll-ons like Deep Relief Roll-On comprising

  • Peppermint Essential Oil (relieves sore muscles)
  • Balsam Fir oil (encourages blood circulation soothing sore muscles and in general stimulates good spirits)
  • Clove Essential Oil (known for fighting adrenal and mental fatigue)
  • Vetiver Essential Oil (relieves stress)
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil (encourages mental stimulation and attentiveness)
  • Lemon Essential Oil (lifts our mood)
  • Helichrysum Essential Oil (relieves aches and reduces stress)
  • Copaiba Essential Oil (rich in beta-caryophyllene which helps reduce physiological responses to stress)
  • Coconut Essential Oil (balances blood sugar and improves energy)

You can clearly see how the components gel together as the ultimate pick-me-up after a gym session and in general in our busy lives (which is what Deep Relief Roll-On is supposed to do).

Another popular blend of their is the Dragon Time blend – containing essential oils like clary sage and fennel – and is mainly aimed at helping women through their monthly cycles.

The company has an extensive ‘Seed To Seal’ program guiding the entire production process, starting from sourcing of the raw materials, proceeding through transport and testing and into storage and bottling.

Young Living has a comprehensive Lacey Act compliance program in place to ensure its oils are sourced legally and that it does not participate in or encourage illegal sourcing of ingredients.

Diffusers: Oils work well in diffusers

Price: In the higher range in my selection.

What I Liked

 Offers you almost 80 single oils to choose from

 Also offers many exciting blends and oil sets

 Has a proprietary Seed To Seal production process

 They run a battery of tests (including GC/MS) to ensure quality & purity

 Has a Global Compliance Program to ensure sustainable sourcing of its oils

 Engage in various charitable activities through the Young Living Foundation

What I Didn’t Like

 Some users think the scent of the oils dissipate quickly or just aren’t agreeable.

The Best Company To Buy Essential Oils From

06. Ameo Essential Oils Review

Ameo is the flagship essential oils line of the Zija International company.

They offer around

  • 50 single essential oils
  • 30 essential oil blends aimed to help with specified issues (like AGX Focus)
  • fractionated coconut oil (presumably a carrier)
  • and various other products like beadlets, hand washes and so on.

Coconut oil is very moisturizing and has lots of antioxidants.

But it can solidify at room temperature and is comedogenic (tends to clog pores). Which makes it not very nice for acne-prone skin.

Fractionated coconut oil is coconut oil without long-chain fatty acids.

There’s no evidence suggesting that stripping coconut oil of its long-chain fatty acids makes it a better fit for acne-prone skin.

So, if you have dry or just average skin go for fractionated coconut oil.

But if you’ve got breakout issues you may need to look for carriers like jojoba oil.

Next let’s take a look at their Calming Breeze blend (aimed at relieving stress).

It’s a blend of

  • Copaiba Balsam
  • Cedarwood Chip
  • Pine Needle
  • Neroli Flower
  • Lavandin Leaf/Flower
  • Lime Peel
  • Lavender Leaf/Flower
  • in a Proprietary Blend of All-Natural Fractionated Coconut and Lemon Verbena Oils.

If you know your essential oils you will recognize that as a good combination of oils.

It’s also a diverse choice.

What I mean is that while both lime and lavender are known to de-stress, lavender has more of a sedative effect while lime is stimulative.

I’d say that’s a good thing since it means that the blend, while relieving stress, is neither too sedative nor too stimulative.

The company has a purity standard of its own called Certi-5. While I don’t think it’s as popular as the ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’ standard, it’s certainly a good one.

Diffusers: Oils work fairly well in diffusers

Price: In the higher range in my selection.

What I Liked

 Good range of single essential oils available.

 Well thought out blends.

 Accessories like diffusers available.

 Has its own Certi-5 purity standard.

What I Didn’t Like

 Some people may have liked more fragrance in the oils.

The Best Brand Of Essential Oils To Use

07. Aromaland Essential Oils Review

While this is a relatively new brand on the essential oil block it certainly has attained a stature of its own.

For example, a recent essential oils study conducted by the United States Geological Survey sourced many oils from Aromaland.

Of course, that isn’t an explicit endorsement but the USGS wouldn’t source poor quality oils, would they?

So, what makes Aromaland one of the best brands to buy essential oils from?

Well, for one, they offer over 50 single oils, a number of blends and some other products like gels, hand soaps and so on.

Let’s examine a typical blend, like the Celebrate blend. It includes the essential oils of

  • Orange – fights stress hormone cortisol; uplifting
  • Cinnamon – relieves headaches
  • Spruce – fights fatigue
  • Patchouli – encourages secretion of serotonin, the happy hormone
  • Clove – can reduce high blood pressure which is a typical stress response

As you can see, they’ve been well chosen to relieve stress, fight depression and get you in a celebratory mood.

Diffusers: Oils should work well in diffusers.

Price: In the higher range in my selection.

What I Liked

 Well-rounded selection of single essential oils.

 Well-chosen essential oil blends.

 The oils are fairly good for diffusing.

What I Didn’t Like

 Some of the products like lotions may not have the fragrance users expect.

OK, that was a looong list; how does that help me?

We certainly don’t end there.

Having told you which are the 5 best brands of essential oils, I’ll now list out how I went about selecting them, what I looked for.

And finally I’ll announce which is the best brand of essential oils.

What to what out for when selecting a brand

Range of oils available. Some oils like Lavender and Frankincense EO’s are ubiquitous. Others like Cistus and Vetiver are not so common. However all have their own uses. You should see which one specifically works for you.

Blends. Sometimes you may find a blend of oils more helpful than any single EO. If a company offers blends that definitely adds to its laurels.

Roll-Ons come in very handy to apply in many situations for example if I want to apply on the go, between meetings at the office and so on.

Packages/Gift Sets. Many of us are on limited budgets and would like to get bargain buys for ourselves or if we are looking to gift others. Combo packages and gift sets come in useful here.

Paper Test. Smear a paper with the oil in question. If it’s an essential oil it should evaporate leaving a clean paper. If it’s adulterated the paper will have oil stains. Remember I said at the beginning stained paper is a sign of fraud?

GC/MS Tests. Paper test is a very approximate test. GC/MS is a standard test for quality and purity. You should check whether the test results are publicly available.

How do they source their oils? Who grows the plants and who distils the oils?

Do the essential oils work well in diffusers? Some companies face many complaints of essential oils not working well in diffusers.

Is the staff interactive? For example if you want to use the essential oil in a sauna will the company staff guide you?

If you are inclined towards humanitarianism, whether the companies are engaged in charitable activities.

And the best brand of essential oils is…

Edens Gardens Essential Oils!

There are no paper test complaints against its products. The GC/MS test results of its products are available on request.

They have a huge range of standalone essential oils, blends and carrier oils you can choose from.

Their blends are thoughtfully made to address particular issues.

They also offer roll-ons and blends specifically aimed at kids which should avoid the harshest effects of essential oils towards children.

It’s clear from the Edens Garden essential oils review that it’s one of the best brands of essential oils for diffuser.

Their staff is very interactive and will guide you on how to use your oils in a variety of situations.

Last but not least they have an extensive social outreach through partnerships with various organizations.


If you feel we’re missing anything or you know some other brand that deserves to be in the top essential oil brands please leave a comment below!

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