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Essential oils are said to carry the ‘essence’ of the plant they are extracted from.

And we know that Mother Nature provides remedies for a whole host of issues through her plants.

And these remedies are unlike those provided by Big Pharma. Provided you stick to the basic good practices (like diluting them in carrier oils) you should not face any serious side effects.

But even knowing that you face pitfalls. For example Peppermint Essential Oil (EO) is a good pick-me-up due to its cooling effect you if you have sensitive skin you’d want to avoid Peppermint EO and go for its less intense cousin Spearmint.

It can be daunting to make the choice.

But, never fear, Unsullyd is here! For a wide variety of issues (headaches, acne etc) we have reviewed popular essential oils and selected the best essential oils based on objective criteria.

The Best Essential Oils

essential Oils – Top 5 Favorites

The Best Essential Oil For Acne

Exfoliants, anti-microbials and antioxidants are important in dealing with acne.

Essential oils have all three properties.

In addition essential oils are soothing and have few side effects.

So we at Unsullyd decided to select the best essential oils for acne for you to choose from.

We selected the top essential oils by reviewing around 20 popular oils based on objective criteria.

The Best Essential Oil (EO) For Hair

The scalp produces its own oil – sebum – for lubrication.

Typically however either sebum is excessively produced leading to accumulation and oily scalp or it gets stripped excessively leading to dry itchy scalp.

In either case, essential oils can make good complements to our natural sebum.

Mixed with a good carrier, they promote hair growth, supplement lubrication and reduce itchiness. And many more benefits.

To help you reap the EO benefits easily we at Unsullyd have listed out the best essential oils for hair based on our reviews of around a dozen popular oils.

The Best Essential Oil For Headaches

Essential oils have a whole host of qualities that will help reduce headaches.

They are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, clear mucus blockages, stimulate endorphins and on and on.

However the choice of oil is critical.

That’s why we at Unsullyd made out this guide. Not only do we tell you which essential oils are best for headaches; we also tell you about the kinds of headaches which should help you choose your oil.

The Best Essential Oil Brand

You put some lavender oil on some paper and it leaves a stain.

That means you’ve been conned. Pure lavender oil should not leave a stain.

Unfortunately such cons are more common than you think.

But you won’t face that problem. We at Unsullyd have come out with the list of the best essential oil brands from whom you can get quality oils at reasonable prices.

The Best Essential Oil (EO) For Face

If you’re planning to buy your first EO which one should you go for? Good old lavender EO or some more exotic option like Laurel essential oil?

On the other hand if you have a specific complaint like a mosquito swarm, do you just use whatever oil you have?

To address many such issues we at Unsullyd have brought out our list of the 5 best essential oils. So you know which one to go for.

The Best Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is highly soothing and reportedly stimulates endorphin (the ‘happy hormone’) secretion.

But even with the essential oil selected you need to select a particular brand.

To help you do so we at Unsullyd reviewed the 10 or so most popular lavender oil brands to select the 3 best lavender essential oils.

The Best Essential Oil (EO) Blend

German Chamomile EO has a powerful anti-inflammatory property while Ylang Ylang EO is sedative.

A blend of the two would reduce any inflammation you’re feeling while helping you sleep. That’s the power of an Essential Oil Blend.

Now of course many blends are possible for a variety of uses. You can blend oils yourself.

However we at Unsullyd decided to review ten or so popular blends and chose 3 top essential blends that should generally be good buys for a variety of problems.

The Best Carrier Oil For Essential Oils

Any good essential oil guide (and being one such guide Unsullyd does so also) will constantly remind you to not apply pure essential oil in a large amount.

You may apply a few drops at specific spots (like the temples of your head) but it’s a far better practice to dilute essential oils in carrier oils and massage it onto your skin.

To help you choose a good carrier oil for that AWESOME essential oil experience we at Unsullyd reviewed 15 or so popular ones to select 3 top carrier oils for essential oils.

The Best Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil has a wide range of uses including stress-busting, immune system-strengthening and potentially even killing cancerous cells.

It’s no wonder that frankincense was one of the gifts the Three Wise Men gave to Baby Jesus.

In order for you to be able to use this wonderful essential oil we at Unsullyd reviewed popular frankincense essential oils and selected the 3 best frankincense essential oils based on objective criteria.

The Best Essential Oil For Sunburn

Sunburn is literally your skin being burned by solar radiation causing itchiness, blisters, redness inflammation and a general fatigue and perhaps headaches.

Its treatment involves relieving inflammation, reducing pain and overcoming fatigue.

Essential oils are very good at all three.

So we at Unsullyd have reviewed the 20-odd best selling essential oils to select the 3 best essential oils for sunburn. So you can concentrate on getting better from your sunburn.

The Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils are generally good for aromatherapy and massage.

They offer an array of benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory to sedative.

To help you select the best ones we at Unsullyd reviewed the dozen or so popular ones and listed the best therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential oils have powerful properties – anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, soothing, carminative and so on – without most of the side effects of prescription medication.

However essential oils do come with their own set of good practices.

  • NEVER use raw/pure essential oils in bulk.
    • If you’re thinking of ingesting them, consult your physician first and use no more than a few drops
    • If you’re thinking of massage, you can apply a few drops directly to the affected areas (like 5 drops of lavender oil to the temples for soothing). But it’s advisable to mix a few drops in a carrier oil and use the mixture as a massage oil.

Individual oils have their own warnings

For example peppermint provides a powerful cooling sensation (good for soothing sunburns). However that may prove too much for many users. They should use spearmint which is weaker than peppermint but still quite cooling and refreshing.

That’s about it! If you know an essential oil that’s better than the ones I’ve selected, feel free to tell me. The good suggestions may get a shout-out on Twitter and/or Facebook.

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