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Best Makeup and Beauty Blogs 2018People obsess over beauty blogs for plenty of reasons – purchases, in-depth reviews but most importantly, it is to stay in line with the latest trends in the makeup industry. Being a serious business in its own right, certain websites boast of such high-quality content and talented designers that you simply cannot get enough of them. Finding the right blog however, is nothing short of daunting. The perfect beauty blog needs to understand you; the pictures nuance the “inner you” and must also hand in advice from multiple perspectives. That’s where we come in. We’ve researched and rounded up top makeup and beauty blogs so that you don’t have to trudge through uninformative sites and waste your time – 66 options open to choose from.  And remember, these are in no particular order or classification. All are equally amazing!

Top Makeup and Beauty Blogs That You Need To Follow

Lisa Elridge


Lisa Elridge Blog

Run by a reputed name in the business; look no further than Lisa Elridge’s blog and YouTube channel for signature make-up magic.

Elridge offers advice in all departments – from makeup tutorials, products reviews, do’s and don’ts; it’s all about setting superior trends. She shares trials products for select users to share every week and keeps us up to date with the latest in the fashion world.

Hair Romance


Lisa Elridge Blog

Based in NSW and with more than 2 million followers on YouTube and Instagram, Hair Romance is most sought out for one of a kind hair styling blogs.

Other than tutorials and beauty advice, Hair Romance offer ways to have fun with your hair. The 30 in 30 day DIY’s are really interesting i.e. it helps alternate styles each days of the month –  30 Hair Styles in 30 Days, 30 Braids in 30 Days, etc.



Lisa Elridge Blog

A writer and a beauty addict herself; Courtney started fashion blogging in 2008. Phyrra and her YouTube channel PhyrraNyx focuses on portraying “fearlessly beautiful” brand of fashion. With prime focus on cruelty free beauty and a vegan fashion, this offers you an entirely different outlook on fashion.

She has also been described as post-Modern Faerie with her gothic leanings influences.

A Model Recommends


Lisa Elridge Blog

Ruth Crilly ventured into skincare and cosmetics through her successful modeling profession and now she aims to enhance her range for bigger and better with the website “A Model Recommends. Who better to talk about cosmetics than an experienced model, right?

Her website gracefully ties beauty and fashion; a fusion well maintained with very strict and high standards which are easily projected through her content and designs.

Tanya Burr


Lisa Elridge Blog

An ardent fan of beauty, fashion, travel, baking and all sorts of other life subjects, Tanya started blogging since 2011 and is now a Hollywood actress. She started off with own makeup line Tanya Burr Cosmetics.

She has however incorporated all her interests into her website, which can be the one-stop for all your needs – covering everything ranging from beauty and cosmetics to lifestyle, food, books and much more.

My Thirty Spot


Lisa Elridge Blog

Erin Kennedy dedicates the My Thirty Spot website to the 30’s women sharing tips and advice for beauty, health, diets etc. This was to make it absolutely clear age is just a number and there’s absolutely nothing different as is in the 20s but certain additions like motherhood, anti-ageing and much more.

They also host the Love for Thirty Project, which is a highly interactive section that allows us to contribute and be involved in their ventures, campaigns and programs.

Twist Me Pretty


Lisa Elridge Blog

This website is all about Abby Smith, a dedicated home-maker, wife and mother; and how she loves her family just as any individual. All the content posted in Twist Me Pretty is dedicated in its entirety to a family oriented audience, which is as cute as is inspirational. From home braids, make-up tutorials and home lifestyle, it’s the perfect partner for stay at home moms who want to look beautiful and young forever!

Fabulous After 40


Lisa Elridge Blog

Deborah realized, like any other person that one’s body and lifestyle changes upon hitting the 40’s mark. The saddest thing however was that, during her time there weren’t any blogs which covered this transition. So she proved that fashion heeds no age and her mission began with Fabulous After 40.

With multiple brand collaborations and numerous partner advertising programs, she always makes it a point to never post content on her website without hands-on research – be it products reviews, fashion advice etc.

Style It Online


Lisa Elridge Blog

Style It Online is Sarah Conley’s personal exploration of style and she’s been a consultant to kickstart the online presence for multiple brands worldwide She’s been covered by top companies like  TIME, The Daily Mirror and CNBC; with content on her blog ranging from plus size fashion, beauty, technology to a lot more.

She considers here take on fashion to be completely “irrelevant” and will woo the eyes of an audience wanting to steer away from stereotypes.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Maskcara helps make the scheme of makeup easier and fun. With hair and skin care tutorials meant to elevate ones natural beauty, Cara aims for her blogs, products and the corresponding users to stand apart from everyone else.

Viewers can have an easy walk through into her blog that offers a wide inventory of products like home equipments, homemade products etc to choose from.

Cyndis Pivey


Lisa Elridge Blog

Cyndi authors this blog for women over 40 who look for daily fashion beauty guidance.  She stresses on how beauty does not lie in the eyes of a beholder, but within themselves.

One of her newest but greatest features highlighted is the garden-to-table cosmetics, taking DIY beauty to the next level. Not only are you encouraged to create your own beauty concoctions, but to do so by growing the ingredients chosen and grown by yourself.

Cruelty-Free Kitty


Lisa Elridge Blog

A huge animal lover passionate about beauty and makeup, Suzi created Cruelty-Free Kitty to, just as the name suggests, curb animal cruelty. If you’re someone who wants a beauty list that doesn’t compromise on ethics, she is the go-to person!

The website hands you an ample understanding of cruelty free skin care and a list of all the brands that support and go against the notion. All the brand reviews were tried not on animals and the user has a comprehensive buying guide at his disposal.

Purely Twins


Lisa Elridge Blog

Twin sisters Laurie and Michelle are all about finding a healthy lifestyle capable of aiding ladies discover steadiness in their workout regime and dietary mindsets. Purely Twins offer quick and systematic home exercise regimes together with healthy diet recipes – the tools to stay healthy and in shape while having lots of fun.

Their blog is a comprehensive go-to guide to minimize cravings and start off on a healthier life – from fashion and lifestyle advice to interactive chats with the sisters – a holistic approach to solutions sets you free from the problems that pin you down.

Clumps of Mascara


Lisa Elridge Blog

Clumps of Mascara is a lifestyle blog owned by Florida’s very own Brittany Minor. She targets the free spirited “round pegs in square holes” bracketed women and men in the world and offers them her take on the world – what she like to call as perfectly imperfect.

Her website links healthy living, travelling and obviously makeup advice in an extremely offbeat style that will make you fall in love with her.

Beauty is Boring


Lisa Elridge Blog

Not the first choice for the name of a beauty blog, but Beauty is Boring nails it in the context of producing a creative brand of fresh and internationally inspired destination for everything fashionable. Robin Black’s website was born from the understanding and experience of being a distinguished makeup artist and photographer. It is guaranteed to offer a visual journey into inclusive beauty through the eyes of experts in the industry. 

A strictly professional guide to making your looks classy with high quality editorial standards, videos and product reviews; this surely is the real deal!

Dulce Candy


Lisa Elridge Blog

A mother, writer and role model for the up-and-coming generation of women, Dulce was a part of famous magazines like Seventeen and Women’s Wear Daily. The recipient of the L’Oreal & W Magazine’s 2013 “I Am Worth It” award and frequent partnerships with brands such as Nordstrom, Macy’s paved way in assisting her create an astounding portfolio in her website.

Dulce Candy’s website presents coming of age tips for busy moms and effective routine product videos that display her product line.

Advice From A 20 Something


Lisa Elridge Blog

Amanda Holstein launched her website in July 2012 to feature an elegant guidance and personalized platform for advice and assistance regarding fashion & beauty, relationships and much more.

She targets the 20’s audience rightly so since she knows very well that it’s a tricky stage in one’s life – a time of self-doubt and maturity. The resource in her website ties the best of both worlds helping improve lives with a sense of empowerment than intimidation.

Cityscape Bliss


Lisa Elridge Blog

Birmingham born Tereza started Cityscape Bliss as means to facilitate bloggers speed up their growth and turn their blog/venture into full-time career. It’s more of a personalized journal packed with beauty & style instructions, home decor muse, simple recipes and fitness reflections.

City Scape stays apart from a typical blogging platform experience by not filling you up with checklists and e-mail newsletters, but rather supporting a genre or range of customized fashion.  It’s just like how they put it – “This is a library you’ll want to come back to.”

One Little Momma


Lisa Elridge Blog

One Little Momma is Kilee’s personal outlet for sharing her creative thoughts, styles, struggles, and more. A style comparable to an edgy line of fashion, she aims at bringing an authentic feature line that’s relatable, helpful and inspirational to women struggling with fashion sense.
A marketer, stylist, designer, personal shopper, writer, and more, her journey through life excites her fan following and tutorials for styling short hair or doing everyday makeup are trends setters in social media.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Sazan explores contemporary splendor in their makeup and style collections. Sazan the creator chronicles her journey to beauty through posts that seek to find herself within everyone.

The whole team is dedicated to founding modern styles without sacrificing the essence of a certain retro suave. From skin care to beauty regimens and even relationship advice, you will find your very best self here.

So Sue Me


Lisa Elridge Blog

Suzanne Jackson, the founder and CEO of the beauty brand SOSUbySJ created the blog SoSueMe, which focuses on the growing online audience. Having worked global brands like Primark, Lipsy L’Oreal, she has over 9 million hits per week with close to a 2 million social media following.

One of the top 16 most prominent globally recognized bloggers, the brand traits a wide range of beauty products created from scratch, of which most of them seeded over a year in the making.

The Sunday Girl


Lisa Elridge Blog

The Sunday Girl began in 2011, and Adrienne Loren dedicates herself to beauty products that deliver an enthralling, intricate and never ending experience of attaining perfection.  They help discover both old and new with posts on latest launches, cult products or celebrity must-with certain retrospective adventures documented along the way.
It has won several industry most notably, the Cosmopolitan blog award and the Johnson & Johnson Award for Best Beauty Blog, amongst many others citations.

Nikkie Tutorials


Lisa Elridge Blog

In 2008, Nikki drew inspiration from the stunning Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge and began Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube. It has hence grown bigger and better, and became the most subscribed and viewed channel in Netherlands.

Known for her intricate but edgy and unique feminine style, she draws parallels to the vivid selection in each of her products and ranges with the greats like Ralph Lauren- a key ingredient to staying in the makeup biz.

Head To Toe


Lisa Elridge Blog

An artist at heart, Jen’s love for creating beauty made her embark on From Head to Toe in early 2008. She reviews and sets up tutorials from her experience by way of conveying herself as a trove of creativity.
Alongside makeup, she looks to encourage others to understand themselves by expressing and staying true to oneself.

Wise She


Lisa Elridge Blog

WiseShe is one of India’s foremost women’s blog with over a million hits every month. Founded by Anamika Sureka Malik, it now has five successfully running domains dealing with Makeup, beauty and baby products, weight loss, fashion and travel – it’s an all in one package for women. Everything can be discussed, the crew work to answer all your queries and you’ll never find one as good as this In India.

I Covet Thee


Lisa Elridge Blog

IAlix is obsessed with the “art” of self makeup and cosmetic experiments and she seeks her blog to represent her in everyday life, how she finds bits of fashion in daily life and turns it into a trend that can be deemed worthy to share.

Her blog’s about fashion and much more – from lifestyle, travel to recipes; all seek the best out of her. With a wide range of followers from all over the world in her Youtube and Instagram account, she proves that the audience never loses out on those who unearth newer and radiant fashion trends.

Cult Of Pretty


Lisa Elridge Blog

Ann Colville Somma designed the sleek and stylish blog Cult of Pretty based on the growing interest shown in cult beauty products. Her posts project offbeat beauty as the new sexy and the posts are packed with information.

She puts herself in the driver’s seat to find to fringe DIY treatments which has led to interesting stories and unexpected consequences, that’s presented in a quirky fashion.

15 Minute Beauty


Lisa Elridge Blog

Christine’s 15 Minute Beauty was initiated as a way to head into the science of beauty products – why this doesn’t work, why not this style, a subject centric approach.

She helps discover the side of business which is more than simple aesthetics.  Everything new in Makeup, Skin Care, etc. is explored; by that she points the audience in the direction of the better ones and steers away from horrible ones, all from the science of things.

She’s In The Glow


Lisa Elridge Blog

Annie is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the organic inspired Blog She’s In The Glow. Considered the ultimate destination beauty and wellness advice for modern woman, the blog covers everything from home cook recipes to modern trends and even travel counseling.

By exploring beauty through a healthy balance between natural and artificiality, She’s in the Glow aims at creating a completely holistic experience where women can support their own sense of beauty desires through the power of organic and non toxic techniques.

Beauty With Brains


Lisa Elridge Blog

Run by Gio, Beautiful With Brains hopes to use science to outline skincare products for glowing and flawless skin that can transform one’s life.

Her blogs help readers discover the best products with quality ingredients in tune with the latest makeup trends. This can sometimes be tricky with natural products, but they find solutions that work.

Kimberly Loc


Lisa Elridge Blog

A freelance journalist and blogger by profession, Kimberly Wallace founded Kimberlyloc which hands natural beauty and skincare reviews that peeks into the life of a beauty addict.

She serves as an expert in green beauty sources and has featured in various media outlets. The features in her blog are short and direct but tend to vividly grasp the descriptive outlook into the trends in modern day fashion.

Beauty Banter


Lisa Elridge Blog

Beauty Banter is an all-inclusive beauty blog covering trends from emerging product launches and collections. Started in 2006 by beauty consultant Sarah Howard, she cultivated a taste for beauty from her father Pierre Michel, the previous owner of NYC’s own Make Up for Ever.

She includes celeb secrets, tips, tricks and insider secrets in fashion. Beauty Banter interests and inspires online viewers into finding their right spot in fashion and clothing..

Hello October


Lisa Elridge Blog

Suzie’s love of clothes and shopping made her embark on her maiden journey into fashion through her YouTube channel. By adding makeup into the midst, it took off and now with more than 10k subscribers, she won the Best Established Beauty Blog award.  Hello October has now worked with beauty and fashion brands like Marc Jacobs, Tresemme and much more.

The blog posts include outfits, beauty reviews, interior posts with the occasional life update thrown in –also a “Come Shpping With Me” vlog section to engage you on how to select fashion.



Lisa Elridge Blog

While the prime focus of Kathrivera is on cosmetics and skin care products, topics of various multitudes – ranging from health care to tech and gadget support etc., are discussed. Kathy reviews all the products in the website and she insights that to be the best form of marketing and a way to actually understand how things world, from the perspective of a prospective customer

All her products are hence, reviewed in different ways and that furthers the sense of creativity to making its reach stretch further.

The Love Vitamin


Lisa Elridge Blog

Tracy Raftl’s Love Vitamin is a trove of personal experiences directed towards acne strugglers. Her own faceoff against the disease inspired her to assist countless individuals facing the same situation.

Acne outbreaks are common among teenagers, a time when they’re also going through various physical and emotional changes. Assistance would be dime in the dozen since the advice she in her website is of her own encounter along with millions of others.

The Wanderlust Project


Lisa Elridge Blog

Born and raised in Pomona, CA; Sheryll started The Wanderlust Project from her obsessions over makeup and skincare.  He now resides in Vietnam and her Korean days gave her opportunity to use and review Korean Cosmetic products.

The Glamtrotters section in the blog explores her search for authentic ideas and perspectives on skin care and beauty products during her travel diaries.

The RAEviewer


Lisa Elridge Blog

RAEview began in 2010 and it provides luxury and designer cosmetic tutorials and reviews – all from Rae’s point of view. They also feature in-depth product reviews, photos, swatches, and video tutorials.

Focused on providing readers and viewers with insight on how to balance ‘splurging’ and practicality, it serves as a trusted guide when navigating through the oftentimes overwhelming world of luxury beauty products and goods.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Ankita, an IIT graduate started Corallista in January 2011 as an avenue to share makeup and beauty advice which would inspire the online audience. She was motivated from the famous Coral Rage blog that shot out to fame during its time and since then, she has aspired to create and devote herself to developing an online platform to share her perspective on beauty and skin care.

From product reviews, tutorials to makeup breakdowns, she explores life within each color and prefers creating looks from all shades in the spectrum.

Lisa Elridge Blog

Elizabeth Mayce, the creator of Love.Life.Beauty started off from her passion for skincare and makeup. Since its inception in 2010, it has progressively developed into an appreciated lifestyle blog and has partnerships with brands such as Benefit, Lucky Magazine and many others.

She visions to assist women all over the world with beauty advice with continued success and opportunities presented through Love.Life.Beauty.

Priss and Vinegar


Lisa Elridge Blog

Priss & Vinegar was began by Heather five years solely dedicated to creating a beautiful family life has with topics based on motherhood, marriage, style and culture discussed in relevance. She considers it to be a journal rather than a blog or magazine, all the content on the website – the food, styling, party ideas and DIY’s were all prepared, done, tried and tested by Heather herself.

She likes keeping everything under the roof real and mature, and by incorporating changes like these, family time can be a delight.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Adopting a style that’s both colorful & creative, Alliewears started off from being just a creative experiment to now defining the limits of fashion completely. Allie wants her fellow addicts to express themselves as sees fashion on a budget as something that can be mastered simply by having fun.

Her blog combines three things 3 love: fashion, photography, & writing and she shares her insights with like-minded individuals having similar creative tastes like her.

Shameless Fripperies


Lisa Elridge Blog

Karimaa, a makeup and skincare junkie began Shameless Fripperies as a diary of her beauty endeavors. With product reviews, makeup tutorials and DIY’s, the site features a stylish and trendy genre that is not seen in plenty in other make up blogs.

Dizzy Brunette


Lisa Elridge Blog

Dizzybrunette3 was started by Corrie in 2010 as a recreational one at first but makes a full time involvement in it. Dizzy Brunette captures a mixture of lifestyle, beauty, make up reviews, fashion and lifestyle posts.

This blog is a mix of everything great about fashion – handpicked product guide and reviews, latest trend forays and exploration and even a wedding planner guide. Laid out in simplicity, her blog speaks volumes of the minimalistic touch to her fashion eye and thus gives out a sense of easy access and apprehension.

Beauty By Britanie


Lisa Elridge Blog

Britanie Faith created Beauty by Britanie in 2012 with a strong desire to share my passions for all things beauty, fashion, and wellness. Being completely conscious about the products she uses, she prefers the healthier side of things and votes to find greener and conscious ways of living.

She struggled with a lot of diseased in her past which made her understand that, by switching to living a cleaner life and limiting exposure to unnecessary toxins, one can strike a balance with the body and be incredibly mindful of being a better version of one every day.

Sarita Coren


Lisa Elridge Blog

Considered the “Godmother of Green Beauty” by industry insiders Sarita Coren, with more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field maintains her blog The Hub of Clean Living.
He connects with her Instagram audience by assisting with industry tastemakers, consulting indie brands on social media and PR and offering photography services for aspiring brands.  She keenly writes about healthy-living not only on her blog but also for other websites like Epoch Times, Natural News blog and much more.

The Organic Life Blog


Lisa Elridge Blog

Set up in sunny San Diego, The Organic Life’s strives in redefining the capabilities of a start up by the day. Tara’s research and role in helping her father during his time with cancer propelled her work in herbs and organic, plant based nutrition and that created the foundation for The Organic Life, LLC and The Organic Life blog. The company is all about going natural – recycling, compost, donations and also a specialization in personal wellness. Through that, she means to create a population independent of any pharmaceutical drugs.

The Beauty Of It Is


Lisa Elridge Blog

Passionate about advancing the ‘green’ beauty market, The Beauty of It Is speaks to the community aimed not just in looking good, but also safe. They shun the use of artificial ingredients in their products with the intent that it’s possible to create from minimal resources.

With not only a range of lipsticks and moisturizer options, this beauty blog is complete with tutorials and product reviews which guarantee that you make the right choice for the skin.

The Formula Blog


Lisa Elridge Blog

The Formula Blog compiles advice influencers and industry experts, unearth makeup secrets at fashion week shows and capture street style beauty that’s worth mimicking. All the products written are tried and tested, with only the ones that make the cut above a stingy filter system getting featured.

The Formula blog contribute regularly to The Wall Street Journal, Refinery29 and NYLON Latin America with features also available in   Elle, Styleby and FLAUNT.

Girl Get Glamorous


Lisa Elridge Blog

Girl Get Glamorous is from Molly Kirker, a self-taught makeup person and life-long beauty addict.  She focuses on for hair, makeup, nail, & beauty related discussions.  By trying new products and techniques, she hopes to assist the selection of her audience in choosing the perfect brand, style and shade that suits them.

In a world where people rarely buy anything without reading a review, her partner brands shares products with her and she posts interesting stuff on the items which have worked well for her, keeping you in line with the latest trends in the industry.

Martini’s and Mascara


Lisa Elridge Blog

Martinis and Mascara, the famous Katie McBroom is the hub of beauty, booze, fashion, food, and fun. By gaining national recognition through Allure Magazine’s 2013 Beauty Blogger Awards, she was ultimately hailed as the “Most Buzzworthy Blogger of the Year” for her viral content across various platforms.

Katie has also gained international acclaim and was judged as one of the best bloggers in the world by White Horse Digital getting featured in Marie Claire Taiwan.

Lisalise Blog


Lisa Elridge Blog

Lisalise, Lisa Andersen’s Natural Skin Care website is all about hair, skincare and cosmetics products that are predominantly on plant-based and organic ingredients.

She also gives honest reviews of various other products and DIY hands-on experiences of activities that can help lead a healthy life. By incorporating the natural way of skin care into one’s life, this blog covers a broad spectrum of beauty-related interests that are fresh and never stale.

Small Bits of Loveliness


Lisa Elridge Blog

Jana, who was obsessed with green, natural, organic, cruelty free products, began Small Bits of Loveliness from her passion about healthy lifestyle in general and to find balance for a healthy mind, spirit and body.

By exacting prime focus on green beauty, her odd fashion and lifestyle posts  not only set a tone of prettiness and suave, but also stand rightly so as a much healthier alterative. She also enjoys vegan foods, and she share recipes of her favorite foods and reviews too.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Illy’s blog revolves around the beauties of life. She helps us understand the importance of family love, with topics ranging from parenting, beauty products, food recipes and much more. Being an avid traveler, she also focuses on the places she visits and shares, like tourist spots, hotels and so on.

Leading a humble life with her husband and children, Illy’s blog is rich in experiences and is presented with utmost love; ones that attracts the best feelings within any individual. You simply cannot stop reading them.

Becca Tilley’s Blog


Lisa Elridge Blog

Becca Tilley’s blog is the online destination for a trip into a carefree and loving life. Inspirational with posts sharing travel, style, and beauty experiences, she targets the modern consumer with dreams and aspirations of trying to turn better strides in their life.

Dreaming in Blush


Lisa Elridge Blog

Dreaming in Blush is all about handpicking the best products on the market, not all selections are eco-friendly or natural. Elle Flower selects makeup kits, creams, facials and much more and the reviews posted are all after her use.

This has enabled her to partner with multiple brand , but she’s strict about endorsement policy- -what’s good will only be acknowledged. She also aims to keep the site also with other fun-to-read travel and beauty articles.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Nath, a former journalist by trade, has been living green since his teenage years. She started Beautycalypse in 2012 to investigate opportunities for sustainable living that can free people from artificial products in the market – A Green Gang initiative, as she likes to call it.

Her blog covers everything from personal and eco-fair fashion to green beauty, health-boosting food and much more. She aims for more individuals to embrace the essence of an Ethical Excellence.

DIY Beauty Tutorials


Lisa Elridge Blog

Geared specifically for DIY tutorials, this blog was created by Lavish Krish for women wanting to take makeovers to the very next level.. Her mission is simple: help readers overcome boundaries of custom makeovers by assisting them with step by step tutorials aimed for independent and holistic skin care regimens—what worked and what didn’t.

Smells Like Green Spirit


Lisa Elridge Blog

Liz’s passion towards a holistic approach to wellbeing enabled her to start the blog Smells like a Green Spirit, one which is dedicated to organic beauty and fashion lifestyle. The impact of healthy and active lifestyle on the body and mental state made her opt for the same and since then, it has always been her suave

Her blog serves as a source for easily transitioning into the organic and eco world and this site enables people can express, share ideas and connect readers with eco companies, artisans, creators and other bloggers following the similar trend.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Madamouiselle Blog is one fashion and makeup blog that’s both informative and enjoyable to read. Natural beauty is seen well and truly as the real appreciation which reflects one’s sense sensuality, care and responsibility.

By enjoying the potency of nature and its ingredients, we respect the planet and environment and by choosing “green people understand the crucial difference between a classical and organic sense of beauty..

Organic Beauty Blogger


Lisa Elridge Blog

Inga’s passions for natural and organic beauty made her create Organicbeautyblogger as a place to explore and share her about green beauty products. She wants to connect with like-minded people. I’ve been writing it for almost 5 years and even after all this time; it’s still a massive part of my life. My reviews might be subjective, but they’re always honest and true.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Carli understands beauty and her blog Carlibybel explores makeup tutorials and product reviews in a comprehensive manner. From celebrity makeovers to ones of favorite characters, she seeks an audience that’s ready to go being for the ultimate makeover experience.

She also helps readers incorporate hacks into their everyday life to solve make over problems.

August Skin


Lisa Elridge Blog

Ashley Weatherford‘s interest for skincare and beauty rose from an early age and it never stopped there. After gaining recognition from Allure magazine and Beauty High as one of the top beauty bloggers in 2013, she expanded her blog contents to product reviews and that gave her wonderful opportunities to partner with leading brands worldwide.

She doesn’t stick to just reviewing how individual products work as standalones – a comprehensive buying guide prepared enables customers to choose products at relative ease that fits the overall regime.

My Beauty Bunny


Lisa Elridge Blog

My Beauty Bunny is a top blog by Jen Mathews and it mainly focuses on cruelty-free beauty products for guys and gals who can’t get enough hair, skin, makeup and other beauty products not tested on animals. They primarily focus on finding the best in beauty from companies who do not test on animals.

We are not a strictly vegan blog, and many products posted about are not vegan and Beauty Bunny, focuses on finding the best in beauty from companies who do not test on animals.

Beauty Bets


Lisa Elridge Blog

Elizabeth Dehn aka Bets shares product reviews and beauty advice in her blog Beauty Bets. It has grown into an inspirational space to helping others achieve self-love and acceptance by enabling them to seek a personalized beauty experience.

 With over a million followers on Pinterest and award-winning skincare collaboration with One Love Organics, she posts reviews, recipes and DIY tips on her website.

British Beauty Blogger


Lisa Elridge Blog

Jane Cunningham is a beauty writer who started British Beauty Blogger as a platform to share about products and experiences in a way, going a step ahead of magazines and newspaper media. She always felt the need to assist customers with one of kind reviews that allows an unbiased extension of product purchase, making them aware they’re not throwing money away.

By showcasing products that are good, and handing a fair account of slick to the one’s that fail, companies can further the development of lesser products for the benefit of the customers without sticking the same thing and thereby spoiling the market name.



Lisa Elridge Blog

Esteelalonde lifestyle and skin care website is a popular in Canada and London. The blog features various sections for product reviews, interior designs, styling and food recipes.

Everything in this site have been tried and tested by Estee, and she also inputs various effective and quick hacks that demonstrate product usage across another level.

Now that was one hell of a ride!

It’s quite obvious that we couldn’t cover each and every one of the blogs in the world (we’re selective too) and for that, now it’s your turn.

Feel free to contribute – share your favorite blogs in the comment section below and let everyone know!

We wish you all welcome the New Year with an improved vision on beauty and makeup!

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